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Post by Guest on Mon Aug 02, 2010 1:08 am

Currently, we are only allowing Vizard to certain people who prove their worth, and not many at that. They must be earned through the RPG.

Be sure to use the coding at the bottom of this post as the template!

Important things to remember when making your character: Spell check, proof-read, and go over your grammar before submitting your finished product. No one likes a character sheet filled with grammatical errors and misspelled words.

All things within this template are, indeed, mandatory, so do not just fill out certain parts, leaving the rest blank. We expect you to create a character fleshed-out well enough to have all of these things. Do not butcher our template by adding in your own sections. If you have a suggestion for an addition to our template, please forward said suggestion to one of the staffers, or drop it in the suggestion box. We would be glad to consider it, or not. It is just that we do not want any unauthorized changes in the template. However, you still may add your own coloring and font type in the corresponding coding tags, if you wish, just do not use a ridiculously large amount of different colors. We don't want to feel as if our eyes have been stabbed in by a rainbow.

Run all parts of your application through a spell check, proof-read it and then run over it to search for any grammatical errors or things that you may have missed. We emphasis this as it has a direct relation to whether or not your application will be approved. We are an advanced writer’s forum, after all, not a day-care; therefore, correct grammar is a necessary item. We do not expect perfection, though. You are human, and humans make mistakes.

Vizard Template


(This is your character's name. You must have both a first and a last name, but middle names are optional. Type your character's name in last name first, first name last, format. That is how names are in the manga/anime, and in Japan. No names from the canon anime or manga will be accepted. We only accept custom-made names, unless, of course, you happen to belong to a certain family, an example being the Kuchiki family.)


(This is your character's current, real age. Be reasonable with this. Vizard age differently than humans, but there wouldn't be a Vizard who looked like an old man, but was really twenty years old. No character is to exceed the age of five thousand. No character is to be under the age of seventy.)

Visual Age:

(Here, you insert the age that your character visually appears; this must correlate to their real age. Being as old as five thousand, real-age-wise, means that your character is to resemble one that is aged, that being fifty years old or older. Four thousand (40+ year old), Three thousand (30+ year old), Two thousand (20+), and One thousand (20 - ).)


(Male or Female. No transsexuals. No hermaphrodites.)


(What does your character look like? I will accept an image for this only if a written description is also provided, in paragraph form and in detail. I also want every last inch of your character described, any odd birth marks, any scars, or anything else on them, from their head to their toes. This includes your character's height and weight, build and skin color, hair color, style and length, eye color, clothing, and anything unique about them. A good way to get in more detail is to imagine your character in your head, and then work your way down from their head to their toes as you type it out. Comparisons are also effective tools for getting descriptive. I've found that this helps, when using words instead of pictures, to describe the character's appearance. Appearance should have a minimum of 200 words. Pictures must be placed in spoilers above the written description. Please do not place your written description inside of the spoilers with the images.)


(Here, you insert the personality of your character. Your character's habits, emotions felt in certain circumstances. Everyone has a personality, their own little secrets, a bad side, and even a side of themselves not normally shown in front of others; how they act in stressful situations, under pressure, to the pain of loss, to certain types of people, certain races, etc. Type out your character's personality in paragraph form; I want every last aspect of the personality laid out right here, leave nothing out, and be creative. None of that one line, " He/She/It is brave, and loves to fight. When he/she/it gets mad, he/she/it is ruthless" crap. I know most people can do better, but even so, they don't apply themselves as well as they could have. Please, take no offense; I am not generalizing; but I have seen it enough to become paranoid over it, so please do make it nice and detailed, Okay ^^. Personality should have a minimum of 200 words.)


(Does your character have any nicknames? Aliases? A strange name called by an old friend? A term of endearment? Perhaps they just don't have one yet, but will find one within the RP?)

Likes: (AT LEAST 5)

Dislikes: (AT LEAST 5)

(The likes and dislikes should be completed with something that says why your character likes such or dislikes such.)

Habits/quirks: (3-5)


(Here, you insert the rank of your character. Is he or she an Elite Vizard, a Lieutenant of the Vizard, Third ranked, Fourth? Or, perhaps, the Leader of the Vizard race? Be sure to ask around for open ranks before you choose one. It's very important to be absolutely certain a rank is open before going for it. The extent of your skill as a writer, and the level of your application will decide what rank you are allowed.)


(Here, you insert the division in which your character previously belonged to. Choose from squad 1—13, or the Kidou corps. No unknown division, long-forgotten division nonsense, or any of that division zero jibber-jabber.)


(Here, you insert specialties of your character, things that make your character unique. This can be anything, but it cannot relate to abilities, fighting, or battle, in general. For example, your character could have an excellent memory capacity; they could be an incredible cook, ambidextrous, a knock-out singer, an amazing painter, or even have a particular knack for jump-rope. You are only allowed one specialty, so think carefully and thoroughly before deciding which you shall use.)


(Here, you insert the background of your character. This is your character's past, what they have done up until the present time. From the time they were born, up until the current day. Be detailed, and leave not a single moment of their life unaccounted for; I want it all written down, no matter how long it takes. The history will be looked at closely to determine quite a few things regarding your writing ability. I'm not saying to write a novel, but the character is yours, so you should know every last inch of their past. Also, type the history in Arc format, i.e. arc one or a title name. You involve arcs such as: Birth, Child, Elementary, Junior High, High School, College, Work, Being found as a spirit, life as a Shinigami, obtaining your inner hollow, hollow powers, and hollow mask, Current. How you decide to do it is up to you. Be thorough. Minimum length is 600 words.)

Role Play Sample:

(Here, you insert your average RP post, no matter the situation. Be it battle or a simple conversation. Post a sample of how you usually RP; a general, normal post. Don't post an extremely large and high quality one if that is not how you normally role play, or if you do, keep up that quality of post. Remember to put in your average RP sample, because we shall hold you to it. This is Mandatory.)


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