The Law of the Arrancar(As dictated by La Primera)

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The Law of the Arrancar(As dictated by La Primera) Empty The Law of the Arrancar(As dictated by La Primera)

Post by Guest on Mon Aug 02, 2010 11:17 pm

To begin. The Hybrids are the Masters of the Arrancar and reside within Las Noches, their authority must be respected by all arrancar. Arrancar who show disrespect before the God, King, or General will either be demoted or executed on the spot.

But, when the presence of none of the three is around, the chain of command is insulated amongst the arrancar groups.

  • The highest level of authority is wielded by the Top 4 Espada. All arrancar and other Numbered Espada must respect their authority, punishment will be demotion and/or physical harm. The chain also goes sequentially in terms of deference, The Cuarta to the Tercera to the Segunda to the Primera, but all in all, their says are mostly equal.

  • After the Top 4, all Espadas are next on the chain of authority. Again in sequential(descending) order.

  • Following the Espadas, Exequias are considered to be the next higher ranked. Starting from Commander, Vice-Commander, and three Head Judicators.

  • Privarion Espada authority is the fourth level in the command. They are all equal, and despite having been demoted, arrancar beneath them must still respect them. They do not have absolute rights to make any demand of other arrancar as they will, such a power is usually circumstantial.

  • Fracciones and Numeros are considered superior to regular 'unnumbered' arrancar. Unlike the system where arrancar are labelled by number according to birth order, all Fraccion(who are still Numeros) and Numeros will be assigned randomfied numbers. The numbers can be shared by multiple arrancar at one time, with the tens digit of the number signifying which Palace of the Espada that the arrancar must report to when Las Noches falls under siege.

  • There will be unnumbered arrancar, these are usually newly created arrancar who also have not developed Resurrecion. They will not be assigned a number until they can utilize that skill, thus making them an asset from the Arrancar Army.


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