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Post by ~*Cross*~ on Sat Aug 07, 2010 3:00 pm

Hybrid Template

Hollow Mask

Name: Pretty simple no? (You can choose to have the same name for your hollow as your Ressureccion name)

Hollow Mask Description: Please describe what your hollow mask looks like. The more detailed it is, the better.

Inner Hollow Manifestation: (Simply describe what your inner Hollow Looks like)

Hollow Abilities: (Choose 3)

Category 1

Basic Abilities:

Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Stamina
Enhanced Spiritual Pressure

Category 2

Advanced Abilities: (Choose 2)

Telekinesis (This is similar to what Ichigo did during his fight against the 4th Espada)
Garagunta (This doesn't have to be chosen as one of your abilities, as it is a given)
Sonido? This could be saved for the actual Ressureccion
High Speed Regeneration

Duration: 5 posts Max

Cool down: 3 Posts


Name: (Your Resureccion may have a mixture of Spanish and Japanese names)

Release Phrase: You should what to do by now right? For example, murder, death, stab, kill, bleed.

Animal Representation: (This can be a animal representation. Or a Combination of your Zanapakuto's Spirit and Hollow))


Released Description: What is your new appearance in your resurrected form?

Resurreccion Ability: What kind of new and awesome powers have been given onto you?

Ultimate Ability/Attack: I guess you know what to do by now right?

Techniques: Same rules apply so look them up.

Post Usage/Duration:
Post Preparation/Charge: (If required)
Cool Down:

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