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Bleach Society Role-Play™

Everything was going along the manga track. Aizen, Gin, and Tousen left Soul Society, leaving the Shinigami in a panic. After some form of order had been restored, the Arrancar came. Soul Society learned of the Espada, and everyone prepared for the upcoming Winter War. Inoue Orihime had been kidnapped, and Ichigo and co. were set on saving her. But another, unexpected pawn had been moved on the chess board. Aizen made an unexpected trip to the Human World, and after much conversation and a few illusions, it resulted in Hinamori Momo's departure and 'betrayal' of Soul Society. She now resides in Las Noches as Aizen's Vice Captain. Once Soul Society hears that the 5th Division is both without a Captain and Vice Captain, chaos will be restored and the advances in the war against Aizen's army will be more anxious. The battlefield awaits with anticipation sifting through the Hueco Mundo sands, as all races are more or less pitted against each other.

Join BSRP, one of the largest Bleach role playing communities on the internet. With thriving activity and skills of all levels and types, the diversity offered among role plays is not one to be passed up. BSRP has intricate and yet easy-to-comprehend systems and protocols that offer equality among role players. Bleach Society Role-Play™ has been around for multiple years, and welcomes new members every day.



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