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Like Bleach?
Love to Role Play?
Have the need to meet new people?
Well my friend, come to Bleach: Unspoken Memories and you can do just that! Check the Storyline below:

It's the dawn of a new age through out the dimensions. A war has broken out amongst the races. War, death, deception, and sadness is a part of daily life. The hollows have seemingly taken over, and all hope seems to be lost. Their leader, Genshin, has many brutal plans to unleash upon the world. Many of these plans, have been successful and has lead to the destruction of all the dimensions but the World of the Living. The God-King og Hueco Mundo, has finally decided to take control of these shattered worlds and end it all in one final sweep. As he prepares his army for the upcoming battle, Soul Society is in search for more firepower. The Shinigami seem to be at loss, but a new hope has risen from the ashes of defeat, The Hogyoku.

With the Hougyoku on their side, the shinigami hope to reach a new form of power with their Zanpakutou's, the Zenkai. Sadly, they aren't the only ones. Under the leadership of Hayami Rentai, the Vizards are also planning to reinforce their fighting power. With the new evolution, the Vizards hope to become the more dominant race and rule above all others. Like the Hollow, the Vizard plan to rule above all others, and crush anyone who stand in their path of sheer destruction. In the midst of all this, the humans with significant spirit power, have become aware of these events and will do anything and everything to protect their precious world.

The Captain Commander been replaced after an untimely and short resurgence of a shinigami that is not great enough to be remembered. He threatened the way of life that the shinigami exerted but was quickly destroyed and the havok he reaked was quickly assimilated into the history of the Gotei 13. The only thing that was destroyed during his few hours of riot was the life of the Captain Commander. The search is on for a replacement for him.

The espada have recently had a civil war and are now being lead by the God-King of Hueco Mundo who's name is unknown. After a short initiation he began to invision great plans for the arrancar and found a new way to make more of them. Although his method is not perfect he is creating a new group of Espada and also some other, creations. The way to do this is not widely known and involves a great amount of training to understand and utilize the full power of the new form.

An order has arisen to silence his power. The Black Order, an organization hell bent on stopping the evil that threatens to destroy the worlds, has been resurrected by Kalmora Saito. The Black Order has had many recent meetings and have decided to send search parties into each of the dimensions in hopes to pry some type of information that could help them end the war without fighting. Will they succeed? Or will everyone's lust for power destroy everything...your decisions will influence these actions, what will be the outcome? You decide.


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