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Post by Guest on Thu Aug 12, 2010 12:44 am

The war had started and there was nothing anybody could do. Europe was tired of taking shit from everyone. They were tired of North America and Japan being at the top while they got nothing. Forming an alliance with Africa and South America the two pooled their resources and found they had enough money to build a nuclear bomb. Or several. Unfortunately, North America and Japan catch wind of their plans and an arm race quickly ensues.

Then, the initial threat. Europe demanded that Asia and North America disband, and divide their land and money into Europe, Africa, and South America. When they got a "no" in response, a nuclear missile was launched, straight for Canada. The missile struck the center, causing a massive blast that completely destroyed the land and much of America. In retaliation, two were fired at Europe from Japan and America at the same time. This started an all out World War. There was no winner.

10 years later, the world is still pulsing from radioactive activity. There are some survivors, however. The lucky ones were the animal lovers. They were the ones that had been holding their pets tightly when the radioactivity took ahold. If one was in contact with an animal during the explosions, their dna and the animals dna would have combined. Their molecules would have fused together to form one being with two personalities. This being, a hybrid of sorts, is able to survive in the radioactive wastelands without being affected by it.

Unfortunately, most people are aggresive now. Everyone they knew is dead. Everything they loved is gone. Flaming towers light up the night sky on every horizon. There is nothing anyone can do to bring it back. What's the hope of repopulating a world filled with radioactivity? Unless... unless the children will be Hybrids and immune to. That is the planets only option.

How will you survive?

Recently, it has been discovered that Australia was completely unnaffected by the war and radioactivity. It has become a safe haven, where true humans and animals still roam. They have food. They have people. They have life. Australia is a Paradise in Hell.


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