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Naruto Lucid Dreams Naruto11

story plot line:

Years have past since Naruto and his friends have defeated the evil akatsuki, however in ruins, Madara Uchiha had disappeared after having killed Sasuke for no apparent reason. Now that the fight against the akatsuki is over, a new threat has come into play, a mysterious battle between the main village of Sunagakure and the minor village of Amegakure. The war started after the corruption of the sand ninja wanting more power believing if there was more power into play no wars would be necessary. Little does every village know that only Amegakure and Sunagakure know of the secret because of the war in the first place. Amegakure holds a secret scroll with a forbidden jutsu to seal and control and bijuu or jinchuriki of there own willing. Amegakure thought it was safe to keep it a secret; however, they had forgotten one major thing, the leader for the Amegakure and the Kazekage of Sunagakure were great friends from child hood. Sunagakure knew all about the scroll. The war has been going on for five years, and the villages seem to want to step into action; however, the villages them selves seem to be having a bit of a problem them selves. There has been some sightings of a rouge ninja group much like the akatsuki coming into play. Many don't know what exactly they are up to, but they do know that they must be of a new group much like the akatsuki after one of the village ninjas spotting the red cloud and black cloaks draped on the mysterious ninjas backs. You decide your path, in this new shinobi era known as Naruto: Lucid Dreams

Rules And Regulations:
These are the General
rules of the site. This may include but is not limited to rules on
Characters, topics and any other site related matters. If there is a
rule that you think should be on here and is not, Check other topics
just to make sure you didn't overlook something. If it's still not
there, please post it in the Suggestions area of the forum.

is no excuse for anyone to not follow these rules, they are here for
everyone to read.

1. Diversity: Naruto LD will take no part in targeting somebody's personal life
and any members caught doing so will be strictly punished. Ageism,
Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Xenophobia or any other form of
discrimination is highly forbidden and members with any of the problems
above are advised to leave the forum of keep it to themselves. Nobody
shall be discriminated against because of their race, age, gender or
whether they are homosexual, bisexual or heterosexual.
2. Spam:
No longer is spam permitted on Naruto LD, not only does it slow
down the forum but it distracts the majority of you from actually
putting in the effort to roleplay. The Social Area will be monitored and
spam will be deleted and users will be warned. Old topics will be
deleted to ensure cleanliness.
3. Respect: Not
only do the staff members deserve the utmost respect, but so does every
other member who can manage to treat you with the same courtesy.
Sometimes disrespect may be caused by accident, so to avoid doing this
avoid talking about touchy subjects such as terminal illnesses, suicide,
politics, religion etc.
4. Harassment:
Harassment is something the staff will not take lightly, if we see a
member or a group harassing or singling out another member multiple
times severe actions will be taken. However this is not the only form of
harassment that we are against. Harassing the moderators and
administrators to check your applications or topics over and over again
will be punished by us possibly ignoring it or even a temporary chatbox
ban. Please be understanding that the staff have lives too and when they
get online they are usually extremely busy, your stuff will be gotten
to soon enough, only ask once or twice.
5. Double
Posting: Another form of spam, make sure you avoid double
posting unless absolutely needed. It's best just to edit your original
post above and inform the member base you have done so with a little
note attached saying you have made an edit.
6. Multiple
Accounts: Each user should have one and only one account. If
you have brothers or sisters using the same computer or internet
connection please inform the admin once you register. If you fail you
inform the administrator then you risk your accounts being banned
without warning.
7. Signatures: Signatures now
have a approximate size limit. Any member with signatures that stretch
the forum out to the sides or are too large themselves will be asked to
remove it. Even if it doesn't stretch the page and a staff member finds
it too large you will be asked to remove it. You may only have one image
in your signature, any other images may be posted in a spoiler, but if
they also stretch the forum they will be removed. All signatures must
also have a clean link to the users application.
8. Account
Sharing: Sharing accounts is strictly forbidden, this also
goes for giving your account away. Your roleplay sample often determines
whether you are fit for a rank or not and the new receiver of the
account might not be up to the challenge of matching your roleplay
quality and quantity, so please avoid account sharing or giving.
9. Avoiding
Punishment: Avoiding punishment will be of course, punished
with extra punishment. If you are chat banned and are caught making a
second account so you can enter the chatbox, your chatban will be
extended and your second account will be deleted. If you continue to
avoid punishment permanent bans will be dished out. Another way to avoid
punishment is to have certain symbols in your name because for some
reason Forum Motion cannot ban members will certain signs. No "+" signs
are permitted in a username.
10. Plagiarism:
Everything on Naruto LD is either property of a member who
created it or the site itself or property of Naruto. Stealing custom
made things made from members is restricted, you must ask a member for
permission before using anything that belongs to them. Another form of
plagiarism is pretending to be somebody your not, whether its pretending
to be a staff member or using a name of another member from a different
forum and pretending to be them here.
11. Swearing:
Swearing is moderately permitted though we suggest you avoid it. We
would prefer to hear it in character if anywhere, as long as it's not to
intense. Using foul language to make a member feel bad about themselves
or to attack them in the chatbox, via PM or in the social area will be
severely punished.

Limited and Banned Bloodlines/Clans:
Okay without further A due here is the banned bloodlines and clans

* Rinnengan-Reason, the rinnegan allows you to control more than one ninja, and controls all elements...
* Star Bloodline-Reason, died with the star village before the new star village was remade
* Fuuma Clan-Reason, died in the fourth great war
* Iron Sand Manip/Metal-Reason, died with the 4th Kazekage

Limited Bloodlines and Clans

Uchiha, Allowed to use the sharingan, jutsus that are not allowed

Clay Manipulation, Rock Village Clan, Deidara's Clan, jutsu that are not allowed.
Clay Sacrifice

Raikage's Clan, Lightning village clan, Raikage's Clan, jutsu that are not allowed
Flying Lightning God

Ninja Cap and Organization Cap:
Leaf Village

* gennin spots available {Unlimited}
* chuunin spots available {30}
* Jounin spots available {14}
* Hokage Spot {Not taken}

Mist Village

* gennin spots availble {Unlimited}
* chuunin spots available {30}
* Jounin spots available {15}
* Mizukage Spot {Not taken}

Sand Village

* gennin spots available {Unlimited}
* chuunin spots available {30}
* Jounin spots available {15}
* Kazekage Spot {Not taker}

Cloud Village

* gennin spots available {unlimited}
* chuunin spots available {30}
* Jounin spots available {15}
* Raikage Spot {Not taken}

Rock Village

* gennin spots available {unlimited}
* chuunin spots available {30}
* Jounin spots available {15}
* Tsuchikage Spot {Not taken}


* specail rank spots available {4}
* Jounin spots availble {2}
* chuunin spots available {1}
* Akatsuki Leader {Not taken}

Seven Mist Swordsmen

* specail rank spots available {2}
* Jounin spots available {3}
* chuunin spots available {1}
* Demon of the North Spot {Not Taken}


* Total gennin spots {unlimited}
* Total chuunin spots {152}
* Total Jounin spots {79}
* Total Kage Spots {5}
* Total specail rank spots {6}
* Total Organization Leaders {2}

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