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Role-playing Rules

Post by Captain Commander on Sat Jul 10, 2010 10:52 pm

BleachxOnline is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can chat and converse with other members while also Role Playing. We ask that you conduct yourself in a civilized manner when participating in any activities on the site. The guidelines and rules listed below explain what behavior is expected of you and what behavior you can expect from other members. Note that the following guidelines may not address all manner of offensive behavior. The staff shall have full discretion to address any behavior that they feel is inappropriate. Inappropriate behavior will result in banishment from the site. Your ability to chat is a "privilege," and not a "right." Do not abuse that right. BleachxOnline reserves the right to suspend your access to the chat and forums at any time for reasons that include, but are not necessarily limited to, your failure to abide by these guidelines. We reserve the right to evaluate each incident on a case by case basis.

RP rules

What is role playing?
- A role-playing game is a game in which the participants assume the roles of characters and collaboratively create stories. Participants determine the actions of their characters based on their characterization. When a character assaults yours, do not take it as a personal attack. It's just your character, you do not need to get angry or stressed out about your character's death. You can always make another, better character.

- In an interaction(be it combat or casual) between two characters, everything that is described, be it environment to action, is done so through the medium known as 'words'. Essentially, every sentence that you type out detailing your movements, your clothing, your perception of others, or the surroundings of others will merge together to be your 'post'. Usually, posts are in response to one another, mimicking real-life situations in which one individual initiates the event, and the other participant(s) will respond in kind. Thus, the very basis of your actions must be detailed in your post and will be the primary subject(only one of many) that your fellow role-players may respond to. Please do keep in mind that this mean of interaction is meant to be that between the characters that each player has created, so any attacks directed towards characters had best be intended to and only target the character, rather than the player.

-But in the more specific example of combat role-playing, the action/reaction scenario and post detailing takes on a much more noticeable presence.

When one attacks, his or her opponent will not stand there like a log and just simply take the blow. No, the opponent can respond in a number of ways, from blocking, parrying, counter-attacking, evading ... really, it's up to whatever the Role-Player can think, so long as it's within reasonable limits and not done excessively so. If one performs an action to counteract the movements of another that is outside of reasonable limits, then that person could potentially be 'god-moding' ... please proceed to the list at the bottom of this post to see the various forms of such acts.

-The single quantifiable unit of 'time' on this forum is a 'post', that, despite the length of some posts made by prolific individuals, can last from a very short period of time to even as far as a few days. This depends primarily on the story being written by the author. If it is a tale of training, in which the character is pitted against him- or herself, then such a stretch in time may be permissable. It is also done when setting a scene, for example, stating the actions of the character in a certain area so as to establish the character's current role and status before others can respond.

However, when it comes to martial application, a combat topic is meant to mimick real-life. If someone was attacked, they usually respond ... be it that they are surprised and are hit, or they notice and attempt to do something in retaliation. Therefore, exchanges between combatants last for only a few seconds, as despite the depictions in the wonderful animations of combat scenes, the often brutal blows thrown back and forth are down as quickly as possible, with the intent of landing and damaging.


Now comes the more concrete details about the posts you make:

  • You can not have your character be involved in multiple topics, you are only allowed to be involved in a topic. If you're caught posting in more than a topic, you will be subjected to a one day ban and your post in the second topic will be deleted.

  • You can kill off another person's character as long as their is a plot involved, as to how you came about to want to kill someone. You also have to get permission from an Administrator, revealing to them the topics in which you've mentioned several times, a reference and or thought about killing one off, or have the intention to.

  • During the battle there is a strict order of moves. For example your post must always be followed by enemy's move, like this: You, Enemy, You, Enemy, You, Enemy. If this is a group battle it will be as so: You, Enemy1, Enemy 2, You, Enemy 1, Enemy 2 etc. If your opponent doesn't post in 48 hours without having an absence before-hand, you are allowed to skip the member's turn and or connect a hit. If though the person has posted an absence, you are to ignore the person's presence in the topic you are involved, it would be as if they were vanish off to somewhere else.

  • No editing posts in fight once another person has posted IC. OOC posting after your post is not only irrelevant, its just not counted as a IC rp post. Now, if your topic is stopped by an admin or mod. Because of an issue in the fight. Then you can no longer edit. There are a few exceptions, but you have to get permission from a RP moderator and an Administrator. Once a person has posted after you, you may not edit your post.

-The following is a categorization of what HAD BEST NOT BE SEEN in a post-

  • God Mode: As plain as the name states, God Mode is where you have your character become invulnerable to damage, incapable of being overcome or subdued, auto-hitting (claiming hits in your opponent without having them respond to said attack), having overwhelming or irresistible power; in other words: overpowered. God Mode is rather easy to commit, not to mention also tempting. It's like sex, when you begin you never want to stop. The thrill you receive, but unlike sex, no one likes those who god mode. Every time you post the actions of another without their consent or the results of your attack, having using a Kido on your opponent and having it be successful without having them respond. The easy ways known to prevent god mode is to state that you "attempt" to hit your opponent. eg. "The boy attempted to impale his father's chest," rather than "The boy impaled his father's chest." Though certain situation permit you to call a hit, eg. "The boy attempted to impale his father's head." After forty eight hours of exercising patience with your RP partner, your partner still doesn't respond to your post. Then you are allowed to call a hit, "The boy's father hadn't moved and so the boy had successfully impaled his father's head, killing him as a result." You may also decide not to call a hit and wait for a longer duration of time, or simply not call the hit. eg. "The boy's father hadn't moved. The boy stopped his action, withdrawing his weapon. He would let the elder man live for the time being."

    Avoiding every attack without a description of how exactly you did so is also classified as God Mode. Yes, any and all attacks can be avoidable - given you provide a description of how you did, rather than simply stating: "He avoided the attack as he continued his run towards the female." Rather, you should state: "He would move swiftly to his left, jumping in the process to avoid the incoming projectile." It would also help those who read your posts to detail the distance at which you jumped, the height, etc. All techniques used to assault your opponent must be mentioned somewhere in your post. Not doing so is a form of god mode, as you could easily claim to use a different attack whereas you used a different one. But, since there is no evidence of you not using the attack that everyone claimed you used, you could easily state otherwise. Repeated use of the same technique isn't advisable, as it is another form of god mode otherwise known as "spamming of attacks". You can't cast the same Kido five times in a row. When you RP, you also think thoroughly. Be realistic when you RP, even though this is a RP world any almost anything is possible, be realistic. It will help yourself and others when you RP.

    Controlling your opponent's character will not be accepted, it does not sit right with anyone. Describing your opponent's character's reaction to your attack is unacceptable. It is up to your opponent to describe his or her character's reaction. Though there may be certain situations that put you in the spot to control your character's action. eg. "You successfully have your attack hit your opponent." Then you can describe the effects your assault have on your opponent and still not how your opponent's to react, unless your technique has an ability to control your opponent.

  • Meta game: Meta-gaming often refers to having a character act on knowledge that only the player has access to. In most cases, meta-gaming is as bad as God Mode. Having your character come to a conclusion of one's rank without having met them before without them revealing to you their rank is considered meta-gaming.

  • You may have a maximum of three characters. If you start off as an elite, you have to work your way up to the elite rank with your other two characters. You can have a maximum of three elites. Your characters can not interact with each other. You characters can be in the same race, a maximum of two character of the same race at the same time.

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