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Official Storyline

Nearly 1,000 years after the Fifth Great War, raged on between all five of the villages, and their rivaled enemies known as the Sorrow-Weavers, the world is now enveloped in nothing less than chaos and unholy retribution. The world itself is bein contaminated by an unfamiliar biochemical disease that seems to have wiped out an unbelievable portion of the world, and its people. Hundreds of areas all over the Earth are destroyed, decimated and banketed several feet from the ground with the bodies of old, diseased corpses. Who else, but the Sorrow-Weavers, were to blame. They were a once notorious group of prodigical self-proclaimed Scientists whom seemed to perform miracle works unto sickened villagers, ninja or homeless citizens. However, their true colors were shown a few short years after their very unveiling..

Soon enough, the five nations were able to revive some of there shinobis. Sunagakure and Konohagakure then had a meeting. Both had two bodyguards. After the meeting ended. Both Konohagakure and Sunagakure agreed to sign a peace treaty. In that peace treaty. The following words in the treaty were: ''I leader of Sunagakure shall not betray you. I would like us to be allies and help out each other in battles when one of us are in danger. I (Username) agree to these terms and would also like to share the same treaty in effect. Konohagakure has now singed the treaty. Now both are allies.

Following up. Nothing was known about Kiragakure and the rest of the Nations. The rest of the nations did hear about the alliance, and there wasn't an alliance made for over 3,000 years, after the war. But after the alliance was made. The ground was shaking all over sudden. It wasn't just shaking in one of the five shinobi nations territory. It was everywhere, all around earth. All around the Shinobi world. The overwhelming power came from the south. Particularly, near the shinobi nation called Kiragakure. The mist village was in trouble. They didn't have any allies to help. So they took out there strongest shinobis.

After Kiragakure was set. They went towards this overwhelming power, and the overwhelming power was a tailed beast. A dragon. It was said that this dragon was sealed years ago. Ever since that they. The beast has been very mad. Though, Kiragakure did wonder why the beast showed up here and not in Konohagakure. Especially since Konohagakure has been the one who sealed this beast years ago. Not Kiragakure. But from the looks of what the book said about the beast. It says that the beast can show up as many times as it wants as long as there is negative energy made in the world. Evil energy is only made by Mist.

Kiragakure went to battle, and most of there shinobis died. The kage was really ashamed. Will this beast be able to be destroyed? Who is the one behind this? Choose your path.

What is Naruto Nation?

Naruto Nation is a role playing text base forum created by Maikeru Shingami. Maikeru Shingami created Naruto Nation on: 2010-07-05. The forum has been nearly under construction for a whole month. The Administrator Maikeru Shingami has been working on this forum for a long time now. Hoping, it will succeed, and it has. You will also expect a lot of things about this forum. Such as:
  • Ninjas Role playing.
  • Tournaments.
  • Challenges.
  • Wars and battles.

    and much more.

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