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Post by Infernal on Mon Oct 25, 2010 6:17 pm

A war that has been going on since the beginning of the world, constantly fighting non-stop for centuries these two competitors have taken their fight to the human world and compressed it down so the entire world will not have to feel the force of their power colliding on a daily basis. Over 500 years ago two schools were created and a neutral ground was established. Tengoku High School created by God. Governed by himself, his Seven Archangels, his Seven Heavenly Virtues, and his Four Cherubim they rule over Tengoku High school and are constantly protecting their territory from the hell menace. Jigoku High School forced into the underworld by Tengoku High school has begun to make their move and take back everything that they have lost. Ruled by Satan, his Seven Seals, his Seven Deadly Sins, and his Four Horsemen they are planning on regaining what is theirs and completely destroying Tengoku High School. Only a couple of days ago a member from Jigoku High School attacked a member from Tengoku High School. Word of this has gotten to God and now the war is about to begin. The year is 2023 and a new breed of fighters has arisen. Pick your side, join your school and completely crush your enemies in the name of your leader and school.

To sum everything up it is a mature fighting highschool rp forum. One highschool representing Heaven the other representing Hell. Join one of the sides and completely destroy your enemies.


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