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Arrancar Template

Name: Niiro Ryuu

Age: 2500

Visual Age: 18

Gender: male

Niiro Sk_hao0006
He only looks like when he is in a serious battle. He will look like this by releasing his spiritual pressure and energy at the same time. He will remove his poncho which will reveal the hollow hole in his stomach that is about five inches in diameter. Without the poncho, or cloak, it will also reveal the "9" on the right side of his chest. Around his hollow hole there will look as if they're are some teeth surrounding it.
Niiro 226px-Asakura_Hao
The poncho that he wears weighs him down so when he takes it off he feels lighter and he is able to move around faster; the same goes for his gloves and shoes. When the shoes, gloves, and cloak, or poncho, are all removed his speed increases greatly; times by three because each one is made of very heavy steel. The remains of his hollow form can be seen under his right eye; it connects from right under the lower eyelid to an inch away from his eye brow. He has a slightly tanned complextion. His canine teeth are slightly longer than a human's, about 3 inches to be exact. His eyes are red like blood.

By Himself: Get's bored very easily. He doesn't talk much and will probably go into thought a lot. He will most likely try and find something to do all depending on if he is being lazy or not.
With Others: He will most likely be quiet and not talk to anyone. If he does talk to them they must be some kind of special or he thinks that there's something beneficial that he could gain from them.
Interacting with women: He doesn't pay much attention to them. Although he is straight he believes that they are a distraction thus he ignores him. When forced into a conversation with a woman, or any female for that manor, he will ignore, but will try to make it look like he has some kind of interest in her. After being around a female for a while he will learn to tolerate them.
Interacting with men: He believes that they're the problem with the world. He doesn't like being around them at all. The only possible way that he could tolerate the person is if he considered them family or a good friend, which he rarily has.
Interacting with Humans: He believes that they are lowly creatures and they don't deserve to live, but at the same time he doesn't want them becoming Arrancar, so he tries to refrain from killing anyone. He believes that if they become Arrancar they will corrupt the rest of them.
Interacting with Shinigami: He thinks that they're ruining the lives of Arrancars, so he tries to stay away from. If he does come in contact with one of them he gets a taste of disgust in his mouth. He will try not to fight them unless he is forced into it.
Interacting with Arrancar: He will most likely blow them off unless they're of a higher level. If they are of a higher level he will try to pay some kind of attention to them, but will most likely get distracted for the simple fact that he doesn't like talking.
When Fighting: He sticks to evading attacks. He waits to see when the opponent will get tired. Some of the time, no most of the time he will look off at something else and slightly disregard his opponent. If he gets bored he will most likely walk away or antagonize his opponent into fighting harder. After getting into a fight where he actually has to exert himself he will get a small grin upon his face and might decided to attack back, but only hand-to-hand. Once things get more interesting the smile on his face will most likely disappear and he will draw his sword. The only way he will go into his Ressurected Form is if he believes that he might need it to survive.

Nicknames: Red

Pie - it's his favorite snack
Junk food - he likes the way it taste
weapons - he has always had a fascination with weapons
to eat small children - he likes the way they taste
to stare at the moon - he finds it interesting that it's always up in the sky and it's unreachable

Cake - he doesn't like the way it taste
Healthy food - he believes that it's worse than junk food
peace - it's too quiet and always brings trouble
authority figures - they always think that they're stuck up and better than other people
the sun - it's too hot and he doesn't like the heat

-He cracks his bones a lot
-An odd look of death in his eyes
-Likes to cut off the heads of enemies he has defeated.
-Uses long range techniques, such as Cero, up close

Rank: Segunda Espada/Renacido

Tattoo Location: On the right side of his chest

Aspect of Death: Loneliness

Color of Cero: Black

Color of Gran Rey Cero: Black with a hint of red

Status: Vasto Lordes

Specialties: He can break dance very well

Innate Ability: Can produce metalic fluid from the pores of his skin which can be used as extra armor. Once the fluid is released it can also be absorbed back into his skin. The fluid can also, at will, be hardened. It can be released, at the most, 30mph and can be shot out to 11ft. He can also manipulate the metalic fluid so that he can create a blade(s) on his body. He can make a total of four blades coming out of each arm and legs. On his back and front part of his upper body he can create up to 17 blades on each side. The blades are like part of his body so if they were to be broken off he would feel a little bit of pain.The liquid is resistant to wind, rock, light, darkness, and plant based attacks. This can last up to 4 post or until he retracts it back into his body or releases it out of his body. There's a cooldown of 4 post. Once used in five seperate battles (IC of course) they will last for 6 post and a cooldown of 3 post.

Human Arc: This era of Niiro's life has been erased from his memories by an unknown source. It ws done so that he would not reconcile the terrible life that he once had, but we have some records of his previous life as a mere human being.

He was born on a stormy day of November; why was is raining in the middle of fall, no one knew and I'm pretty sure that no one cared either. On this day a red eyed baby was born. When people saw him they believed that he was that of a demon. He was born in a small village in the place that is now known as Japan. Everyone wondered how the child's life would play out in the future and if he would rise to the occasion and become a great man. It was a shame that they were wrong.

When he was growing up he shunned everyone including his family. He liked to stay alone and away from any person that he thought to be some kind of weakling or a waste of his time. The only thing that he considered his friend was a small dog that came to his house everyday to play with him. He found it that it was very much fun, more than any human could give him, and very intruiging to be around the canine. He had grown to love that dog as if it was better than any family he had ever had. The two, Niiro and the dog, grew up together becoming stronger and better together.

When he was of the age of fourteen he started to realize that his best friend stopped coming by his house. He could only wonder where he was and worry about the poor animal. At this time his village had been in the crossfire of a war and it was a stormy day like they day in which he was born. He decided that he would go and look for his canine friend today; it couldn't have been a worse day to go dog searching. He ran out of the house when his parents weren't home and in about two hours he found his companion, but there was something odd about the dog. He was covered in some kind of red liquid, laying in the middle of a field, not moving at all. He wondered what was going on with the dog and before he knew it, everything went black. It would seem that the boy and his dog died together right there, but the boy still believed that the dog was alive somehow.

Plus Arc: This era is also unknown, but there is record of what supposedly happened during this timespan.

During his this time the boy named Niiro could be found floating around Japan, looking for something. In this time his eyes had turned from red to blue, which was weird because his eye color was supposed to change more when he was an infant than during this time period. He traveled around looking for his companion. It was amazing how much he missed this thing. He had never missed anyone or anything in his entire life-span but this creature just seemed to mean the world to him.

In about a few days he had found himself, like literally. He found his dead body and that of the canine he had befriended. He wondered how he was capable of seeing his body like this; it was the strangest thing that he had ever witnessed. He then tried to touch his body and he couldn't. At that moment he realized that he was dead. That had threw him into a state of shock. He stayed like this until the day that his chain of life ate itself. That was then when he turned into a hollow and was transferred over to Hueco Mundo.

Hollow Arc: The first thing that Niiro remembers is opening his eyes to see nothing but white sand around him. Everything else seemed to be a blur to him. The hollow didn't know if he had ever been a human, what a human looked like, if others lived here, nothing at all. His life was pretty confusing but all at the same time he felt a little reassured that there was no one here that he was aware of.

After walking around for a while, somehow Niiro stumbled into the Forest of Menos. Why he was down there, he didn't know. What he did notice was that when he was down there he was getting funny looks from the Menos. Then soon after that another Hollow approached him asking him why he was down there. After that he realized that he was an Adjucha which was stronger than a regular Hollow and a Menos. He realized that he was supposed to be back up top feeding upon other Adjuchas to become stronger. At this point he found a way back up top and began traveling around the White Sand Desert.

When he got up top he saw that there were a little more Adjuchas then usual. Not three hours before getting up there he was attacked by an Adjucha. They fought for a bout ten minutes until Niiro killed the other hollow. He ate the Hollow. Something about it didn't feel right, but he knew that he had to continue in order to survive. He didn't mind killing it was just the fact of killing one of his own kind.

One thing that Niiro wondered was how was he at this level already. Something about all this just felt weird to him. He decided that he would do some investigating. He traveled all over the White Sand Desert until he came to the gates of Hueco Mundo. When he got there something that looked like a human, but a Hollow as well was standing there telling Niiro that he was waiting for the Adjucha. The hollow was confused, so the first thought that came to mind was attack this thing, which at the time he didn't know it was an Arrancar. After attacking the Hollow was quickly tossed to the side. After falling to the ground he looked up to see the Arrancar standing over him. The Arrancar pulled something out of its pocket and put it up to Niiro. After a giant flash of light the Adjucha looked nothing like he previously did. After the Arrancar explained what he did to Niiro he took him into Hueco Mundo so that he could live his life out as an Arrancar.

Fraccion Arc: Once entering the land of Arrancars, called Hueco Mundo, Niiro was in awe. He had never seen a place like this and he was surprised that now he could call this his home. Hopefully he would find some kind companion here so that he wouldn't be alone like those long years. There was someone there that had seemed to always have his back or at least help him out in hard times and that had turned out to be his Espada. He didn't know it at that time but the Espada had claimed Niiro as his Fraccion. He looked up to that Espada almost like a father figure because he was always with him and he always had the Arrancar's back. It was supposed to be that the Fraccion was the underling of the Espada but it had turned out that the Espada had treated Niiro like an equal, unlike the rest of the Espada.

Once while in the Human world, Niiro and his Espada had been out there causing trouble for the humans. It would turn out that this was a good way for them to past time and find some kind of amusement in their busy lives. They were in a city where there were plenty of shining lights and a lot tiny, or small, people. As destruction came so did laughter from the two Arrancars. All of a sudden a guy in robes and a sword appeared, but neither Niiro or his Espada knew who this guy was; later on he found out that the name of this male figure was Hunter something something. Before Niiro could even react to the male, who he found out was a shinigami, the Espada and the Shinigami started fighting. The sound of metal scraping together could be heard, and out of nowhere flashes of light would come from the two beings. Niiro figured that at this moment his Espada could use his help, but before he could the Espada was destroyed, being cut in half. The Shinigami must have forgotten about Niiro because, after that he just disappeared through some old doors. Niiro then returned to Hueco Mundo to report what happened. You knew that he might meet this guy again, so his original plan was to fight this guy if he did; but it was unlike Niiro to do something like that, so he didn't know what would happen.

Espada Arc: A had been years since Niiro's old Espada was killed and now he had moved up the ranks in Hueco Mundo. He went from a lowly Fraccion to the third strongest Arrancar in all of Hueco Mundo. He had gained a lot more respect than he had ever had and he even had his own little batch of Fraccions. He honestly didn't like having to tell them what to do and all of that, but they wanted to serve under him for some reason; since they wanted to be his Fraccion he didn't really have a problem with it. He had sent them out on a retrieval mission to find something for them, and he figured that they would be gone for a while so he didn't bother with worrying about what time they would be back or if they would come back. I guess you could say that he didn't care for much anymore. At this moment he only cared about one thing and that was getting his rank up more.

Looking at the sun-less sky, Niiro could only guess how long his Fraccion were gone. He stopped worrying about them the minute they left his eye sight, because he had other things to deal with. In the middle of Hueco Mundo there was the Segunda Espada and Niiro; they were about to fight for the rank of Segunda. Why? Because the Segunda Espada was very cocky and figured that if anyone had the balls to challenge him then he would accept their challenge and kill them. Niiro wasn't exactly the confident type, but he didn't really want to stay in this fight for too long or let it drag out for more than a few minutes. He noticed that the Espada left himself wide open because he was gloating; maybe a second later Niiro was two inches away from the Segunda Espada with his right hand on the head of the overconfident being releasing a Cero. In an instant the Segunda was dead with his head completely missing from his body.

Niiro was now the Segunda Espada. It took him a while to obtain this spot, but he made it. He was thinking about going for Primera, but he didn't because later on he figured out that if he took Primera he would have a lot more work for him to do and that wasn't something that he wanted to do. He ended up keeping his Segunda spot. When his Fraccion returned they were elated for Niiro but he didn't feel a need for them anymore because of how long it took for them to get back; when they arrived in his presense he released a cero that enveloped all of them ridding them of those worthless Fraccion. Not too long later the Espada's name changed to Renacido. Niiro was now at a place where he was comfortable and he didn't feel like moving from this area. He could only wonder what the future would bring for him. It was possible that his life might be filled with joy, or pain, either way it would be one hell of a future.

Role Play Sample:
A post on Naruto Revo where I was fighting Kain.

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1. You call this an app?

2. Your char is gay

3. Up the history

4. Approved once you up the history a bit

5. I don't like this app.

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How about we have a Smoke, and get too know you from the inside.
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