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Ginto Template

Post by Hunter on Mon Nov 01, 2010 7:41 am

Be sure to use the coding at the bottom of this post as the template!

Important things to remember when making your Custom Cero: Spell check, proof-read, and go over your grammar before submitting your finished product. No one likes a Custom Cero sheet filled with grammatical errors and misspelled words. No Cero must be equivalent to the power of a Gran Rey Cero nor greater than it.

All things within this template are, indeed, mandatory, so do not just fill out certain parts, leaving the rest blank. We expect you to create a Custom Cero detailed well enough to have all of these things. Do not butcher our template by adding in your own sections. If you have a suggestion for an addition to our template, please forward said suggestion to one of the staffers, or drop it in the suggestion box. We would be glad to consider it, or not. It is just that we do not want any unauthorized changes in the template. However, you still may add your own coloring and font type in the corresponding coding tags, if you wish, just do not use a ridiculously large amount of different colors. We don't want to feel as if our eyes have been stabbed in by a rainbow.

Run all parts of your application through a spell check, proof-read it, and then run over it to search for any grammatical errors or things that you may have missed. We emphasis this as it has a direct relation to whether or not your application will be approved. We are an advanced writer’s forum, after all, not a day-care; therefore, correct grammar is a necessary item. We do not expect perfection, though. You are human, and humans make mistakes.

Name: [ What is the name of the Ginto? ]

Ability: [ What's the ability for the Ginto? ]

Requirements: [ Do you need an incantation? Cylinder? ]

Drawbacks: [ The weaknesses of the ginto ]


[b][u]Name:[/b][/u] [ What is the name of the Ginto? ]

[b][u]Ability:[/b][/u] [ What's the ability for the Ginto? ]

[b][u]Requirements:[/b][/u]  [ Do you need an incantation? Cylinder? ]

[b][u]Drawbacks:[/b][/u] [ The weaknesses of the ginto ]


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