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Arrancar Template

Name: Hakujou Naru Chinou

Age: 1000

Visual Age: Mid twenties - Late twenties.

Gender: Male

Appearance: He is slender yet fairly muscular. He stands at a height of 6'3'', pale skin and neat, naturally curly hair of black. Naru's personality is further emphasized by his generally serious, stern and mysterious look. Naru's nose is straight and follows the line of the forehead without the usual depression at the root of the nose. Naru has the average lips of most, soft and movable. Not thin or big, just ''perfect''. The acuity of his eyes is excellent, having the maximum cycles per degree possible for one to attain. The size of his ears is that of average. He has an angular-shaped face and takes on a boy-ish look.

Naru has a well-developed physique obtained by extensive physical training and strict daily exercise. His chest is muscular and the abdominal muscles are well-visible. His legs could be described as those fit for running and all kinds of activities involving the legs. His arms are muscular and strong. Naru is ambidextrous capable of using his limbs equally. Like most other Arrancar, he possesses remnants of his former life as a Hollow in his appearance. His hollow hole is located in his sternum, where a heart would normally be. In his case, it's simply a dark hole. The remainder of his hollow mask consists of his left jaw bone. His tattoo number is located on his back. He wears typical arrancar clothes: a white jacket, blue sash, and a white hakama.

Personality: At first glance, he would portray a laid-back individual. This misleading appearance hides a brutal, cold personality and a lethally-short temper. Chinou is direct, sarcastic, and quite sadistic. His cold demeanor allows him to stay completely calm and in control in most situations, and he is not easy surprised or caught off-guard. He displays little respect for authority and says whatever is on his mind.

Chinou is a rather cold individual in the eyes of everyone around him. He usually doesn’t make friends at all, but simply marks them down as a pawn for his use at anytime. The coldness of his vibe and his personality is the base of his ruling of his race. Chinou’s cold natured trait even goes as far as not fully caring about his comrades at all. Simple way to put it is that he believes that everyone under his control is a pawn for his quest to greatness.

Chinou is extremely strict in his dealings with his subordinates and his fellow elites. Basically, whatever he tells you is law and if you don’t do it. He will punish you without any kind of kindness at all. So, he uses his strict to give way to his follower’s fear. He is so strict that most of his elites fear not completing the missions he hand out and will go to great lengths to complete it no matter what.

The Arrancar is a very blunt man to say the least. He says whatever is on his mind at any point in time no matter what is going on. He has even been known to simply say out of the blue that he doesn’t like or wishes that someone in the ranks would just die. So, even though some people might hide there true feelings or comments. Chinou doesn’t think that way. He believes that it is better for people to know whatever is on your mind.

To top off all that has been stated, he is extremely calm natured. Yes, even though he has a very short temper, and things of that nature. He can still react calmly along with fighting calm, collect, and maybe even relaxed. He fights full out and even says exactly what he is thinking while doing so. Yet, Chinou’s aura/vibe is a rather calm one and that makes things better for his comrades to give him some kind of feeling besides anger to put with their leader’s personality.

Nicknames: None.


Females: Chinou loves the females for obvious reasons. They were created to fulfill the needs of men, or so he believes. When a situation arises in which he is to battle a female, he simply leaves; as he believes no woman deserves to be hurt in anyway.
Humans: Easy source of food. When hungry he can always look forward to the humans; those delicious species.
Hollows: His fellow comrades, there to feed on and assist him when such assistance is needed.
Arrancars: Fellow elites. He can work with them, they are capable of helping him.
Battle: When infuriated, he can always look forward to a battle - where he can release his rage on his opponent.


Shinigami: The Arrancars and Shinigami are sworn enemies, it's been habitual of him to kill their kind.
Obnoxious/loud beings: He dislikes anyone who constantly annoys him/loud-mouthed dolts. Being in the company of a loud mouth individual draws too much attention
Idiots- There is nothing like an idiot to ruin the mood and one’s day
Lack of excitement- Boredom makes him go crazy, it makes blunt his skills in battle.
Hunger - He likes his food.

Habits/quirks: (3-5)

Tends to be alone.
Tends to "observe" others.
Tends to take long walks.
Toying with the emotion of others.

Rank: Fraccion

Tattoo Location: Tongue.

Aspect of Death: Rage.

Color of Cero: Brown-ish.

Color of Gran Rey Cero: Dark brown. [When I get Espada]

Status: Adjuchas.

Specialties: Ambidexterity, Acute hearing and sight; to top it all of, Flexibility.

Innate Ability: The innate ability of the Arrancar is simple: cause whoever or whatever he grasps with his hands to become stonelike by secreting a substance from his system and then having the target crumble into tiny rock pieces immediately. This ability commences when the Arrancar grasps any part of its target - it is a must to have both hands on that particular part - and soon after, subsequently to the Arrancar's close interaction, the target begins to change into stone - beginning from the part coming in direct contact with the Arrancar's limbs and then expanding, the whole of the target eventually becoming a solid stonelike entity and then crumbling afterwards into tiny stone pieces.


Chinou is a purebred Hollow, being a descendant of an Arrancar. He was a supposed 'love child' and was abandoned in a community being ruled by a tyrannical king, the most powerful hollow, not arrancar, but hollow ruling the forest. Having broken free from the tyrannical rule of the king, a renegade group of hollows seek to retain their own free will while destroying all those who oppose them. These hollows established a secret stronghold beneath, far within the forest. To further their dark aims, the rebellion group sort help from an Arrancar, who later took them other his wings. Together, they destroyed the mighty king and regained their freedom. Taking interest in Chinou, this Arrancar thought him all he knew, and how to be an Arrancar. As years passed, Chinou discovered the ones who abandoned him. Seeking revenge, he killed them both. This was the beginning of the sadistic Arrancar we now know as Chinou. He made his way up the ranks. As a Fraccion, he was undoubtedly the strongest among his ranks. When he revealed his true-self, he began to scare off other Fraccion's. They barely ever associated with him unless they had been instructed too. Participating in a war against the Shinigami as a Fraccion, Chinou witnessed the death of his master and other Espadas. This sight inspired him to become one of the Espadas, eventually.

Role Play Sample:

The deep prolonged, loud noises caused by the fixed-wing aircrafts soaring overhead was seemingly without end. The sound of violent impacts caused by the breech-loaded projectile-firing weapons was of no help. The explosive devices deeply rooted into the ground exploded, the violent release of energy bursting outward with violence and noise. The ground shook and vibrated, resulting from the extreme disruptive disturbance underground. The dwellings of the villager’s collapsed rapidly, the reason being that of the condition of the homes - which were insufficiently developed. The sky became plagued – soon enough - with the unpleasant smell of the combusting materials below. Voices called out amongst other voices, footsteps proceeding hurriedly across the smouldering streets of the village. Children could be seen shedding tears at the lost of their loved ones; profanities could be heard coming from the adults. Bodily fluid gushed forth in a sudden stream out of body parts. The violent explosions and outburst of projectiles brought disorder upon the villagers. Though the villagers were in disarray, all had one motive: getting to the clear expanse before them, which was abounding in lofty narrow-leaved green herbage. Unknowingly of the fate that waited them, they rushed forward into the field of mines. Within seconds, a mushroom cloud was visible. It rose into the air, some 10 kilometres into the sky above the site of the explosion.

The assailants were misinformed of the location the Malik family now dwelled by the - now deceased – mass of the village dwellers, would be oblivious to the wailing of the woman in labour. Undergoing the efforts of childbirth wasn’t a trouble-free task. The head of the newborn first emerged from the womb of the woman and then being escorted by the rest of the body parts. The faces who witnessed the birth of the toddler beamed with joy. Though amidst crisis, the birth of a newborn always seemed to lighten up the mood – no matter the situation. It was truly blissful to witness the birth of a baby. A new baby is like the beginning of all things-wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities. Though the world seemed to be coming to an end, the birth of the child was an indication that the world was to go on. The female cradled her son in her arms, tears of joy streaming down her face. She was surrounded by her family: the first born Lance, two years of age - stayed put beside his mother sitting on the bare ground. He simply stared, naive, unaware of what was going on; but he though beamed with joy. The father, the elderly one with muscular build crouched before his family, delighted. Andre Malik, he was the one the assailants – still misinformed of his location – searched for. Now being presumed dead, the roaring sound of the airplanes and the gunshots gradually ceased to exist, the sound of combusting material the only racket left to perceive. Andre Malik stretched out his arms, wanting to embrace the newborn boy. Cradling the baby in his arms, the man of African descent spoke, his naturally deep voice seemingly carrying the name of the newborn into the very skies.

My vision would turn your world upside down, tear asunder your illusions and send the sanctuary of your own ignorance crashing down around you. Now ask yourself: are you really ready to see that vision?






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Hakujou, Chinou.  Empty Re: Hakujou, Chinou.

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Approved as Menos Grande. Your history is shorter than Iza's dick for Christ's sake. xD

I need you to fix some things first. Add a weakness to your Innate Ability.

I'm awesome, remember that.

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