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Zanpakutō Template

Name: English: Flame Dragon Japanese: Kasai Doragon

Manifestation: Shikai: The manifestation of the spirit is of a 100 feet tall red dragon. Its scale sparkle in the sunlight, and are very hot to the touch. It's eyes are an emerald green. Unlike in the myth, the dragon has no horns, yet does breath fire, hotter than the very sun itself. His teeth are pearl white, and are mostly likely worth at least ten times the amount of a single pearl. The end of his tail in pointed like an arrow, so when flicked at just the right angle it can pierce with deadly accuarcy and power.

Bankai: Kasai is in human form. He stands 7 feet tall, with jet black hair flowing down to his mid back. His scales have now become a very hard to penetrate armour. A tattoo of a red dragon covers his whole body except for his face. His eyes are still emerald green. His skin colour is white, the only showing of this is his head, from the chin up. He also has a bright red tail coming from the end of his tailbone, which is the only sign of him having some connection to his beast form.

Release Command: Burn Thy Enemy to Ashes Kasai Doragon

Family: Fire

Level: Bankai

Sealed Description: The whole sheath is decorated in flames, starting with the red flame and as the flame moves up the sheath it turns from red to blue, with the top of the sheath starting to become white. The hilt of the sword has a white dragon wrapped around it, with the very top part of the hilt clear, making it look invisible. The blade is almost perfectly normal except for the tip, which like the top of the hilt is clear and see through, giving the appearance that the sword as no end. The length of the blade is 27 inches. The feel of the dragon on the hilt is somewhat grainy, making anyone besides Thasti feel weird when they touch it. In a way its like touching sand when one shouldn't be feeling sand. Yet Thasti finds this a unique and very calming feature of his zanpaktou. The eyes of the dragon in this state are clear and blend in with the white colour of the dragon.

Shikai Description: The handle of Thasti's sword changes into the dragon on the hilt (meaning the dragon has become the hilt), except for being white it is now a golden colour, with its mouth open a red blade sticks out of its mouth, there is no clear part of the blade or hilt like when the zanpaktou is in its sealed state. The blade is still 27 inches while the who sword combines to a total of 33 inches long. The hilt has lost its grainy feel but now feels more rough and rigid like the feeling of dragon scales, and just like dragon scales are very hard to pierce, making the hilt almost indestructable. The eyes of the dragon are a ruby red colour that slowly start to change colour as Bankai becomes available to use, when the eyes of turned white, Thasti is able to access his Bankai. The amount of time this takes to happen is always the same ane will never increase, only decrease as he grows stronger. The current length of time is four posts after the activation of Shikai. In this state there is a slight red shimmer to the red blade. Most people when they see the blade are reminded of blood, Thasti is reminded that fire is not a destroyer but a restarter of life.

Bankai Release Phrase (Optional) Lend Me Thy power, And Let All Fear Us. Bankai

Bankai Description: In Bankai, Thasti's reaitsu flares extermely high, and for people who can see it, they see the head of a dragon roaring, and seconds laters throws its head down on Thasti. When the head disappears, Thasti's clothing catch on fire, making it look like armour, and a tail made completely out of fire can now be seen coming from the end of his tailbone. The tail is connected to Thasti's thought process, allowing him to control the tail. His sword also changes. While in Bankai, Thasti gains a second sword. The first has the same gold dragon hilt as in Shikai, but now the blade has turned white and is now has a faint blue shimmer aroundit instead of it being red around the blade. The second sword as a red dragon with gold eyes as its hilt with a blue sword that has a faint white shimmer around the blade. Just like in Shikai, the scales on both dragons are rough and rigid feel. Both hilts being as strong as dragon scales are almost indestructable.

Shikai Ability: Fire resistnace: This increases Thasti's resistance to fire to a very high level, where only very high temperatures can burn his skin

Bankai Ability:

Inner World: Thasti's inner world is of a lush green field surrounded by trees, and the sound of a river not far from it. The field is covered with flowers, and sitting on the edge of the field right before the forest is a very large boulder with a flat top, where Thasti usually sits when listening to Kasai talk. The sky is a light blue with very thin clouds scattered amongst it. These clouds are usually white, but on the odd occassion that Thasti is feeling down, they turn into rain clouds and litter the Inner world with rain. The field of flowers represent Thasti's emotions that he is contantly in touch with. The trees surrounding the field represents when he as lost all compasion in a fight. Just like how he can easily get rid of his emotions in a fight it is very easy to get lost in the forest if one does not know the way through.

Zanpakutō Spirit Persona: Kasai is one of a calm nature, he tries to see logic behind all things, and usually plays the devil's advocate, forcing Thasti to always think outside the box, which is one of the reasons why he is caluclating in his life. When not playing the advocate, Kasai is usually teaching Thasti the positive side of fire, even though most people believe that fire is a destroyer, Kasai has taught Thasti that fire brings rebirth and a new beginning. He was Thasti's first friend and most loyal friend. He was the one who taught Thasti how to be so nimble in the air, considering even in his dragon form Kasai is still able to move at an incredible speed. Kasai isn't a big fan of rain because to him rain feels funny on his scales, even when he is in his human form, he just doesn't like the feeling of being wet, so at times Kasai tries to take cover in the forest surrounding the field.



Name: Fire Shield
Effect: A shield is prdouced in the direction the attack is coming from. When the attacker touches the shield an outside explosion occurs hitting the attacker point blank. This usually causes very minor burn wounds on the hands of the attacker if they are not wearing some kind of hand covering
Post usage limit and or Cool down: Lasts for 1 post. Cooldown: 1 post

Name: Rain of Fire
Effect: Fire in the form of raindrops fall from the sky, burning everything they touch. When the fire touches the skin the burn is not very strong nor is the pain great at first, but with the constant threat of the rain, the opponet is able to get a medium serious burns all over their body if they not careful. When in contact with something like clothes it burns a hole the size of am average raindrop. In Bankai the size of the raindrop doubles
Post usage limit and or Cool down: Lasts for 3 posts. Cooldown: 2 posts

Post usage limit and or Cool down:


Name: Fire Tornado
Effect: When both swords are swung, two 50 feet tall and thin toronados are produced. These tornados hone in on their target, but don't have the ability to chase. When the tornados, collide with the environment there is a small explosion with a radius of 25 feet. When the tornados collide with each other the explosion radius increases to 75 feet. When the tornados hit their target, the person is trapped inside for five seconds and recieves mildliy serious burns.
Post usage limit and or Cool down:

Post usage limit and or Cool down:

Post usage limit and or Cool down:

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