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Resurrección Template Empty Resurrección Template

Post by Guest on Tue Jul 20, 2010 12:25 am

Be sure to use the coding at the bottom of this post as the template!

Important things to remember when making your Resurrección: Spell check, proof-read, and go over your grammar before submitting your finished product. No one likes a Resurrección sheet filled with grammatical errors and misspelled words.

All things within this template are, indeed, mandatory, so do not just fill out certain parts, leaving the rest blank. We expect you to create a Resurrección detailed well enough to have all of these things. Do not butcher our template by adding in your own sections. If you have a suggestion for an addition to our template, please forward said suggestion to one of the staffers, or drop it in the suggestion box. We would be glad to consider it, or not. It is just that we do not want any unauthorized changes in the template. However, you still may add your own coloring and font type in the corresponding coding tags, if you wish, just do not use a ridiculously large amount of different colors. We don't want to feel as if our eyes have been stabbed in by a rainbow.

Run all parts of your application through a spell check, proof-read it, and then run over it to search for any grammatical errors or things that you may have missed. We emphasis this as it has a direct relation to whether or not your application will be approved. We are an advanced writer’s forum, after all, not a day-care; therefore, correct grammar is a necessary item. We do not expect perfection, though. You are human, and humans make mistakes.

Resurrección Template

Name: (What is the name of your Resurrección/Ressurection, if possible, in both English and Spanish? A name(regardless of language) is required. Please be reasonable when naming your Resurrección.)

Release Phrase: (What is your release phrase for your Resurrección? The phrases used by arrancar are often one-word phrases, but extended phrases are permitted as well. This is often in english, but that may not always be the case.)

Animal Representation: (What kind of animal or insect does your Resurrección represent when you release it? Please do NOT pick a non-animal representation, and instead select any species of creature that your Resurrección represents. Any attempts to try to select a non-animal representation such as Barragan's 'Grim Reaper' form will not be looked upon favorably UNLESS one has appealed to the staff prior and puts in a respectable amount of effort into their application.)

Element: (Please select an element that your Resurrección embodies. Please choose only one, unless you feel you are up to the challenge to write a thorough application with two. Not all dual-element applications will be approved, and training may be asked before the second element is usable.)

Here is a list of Families, as follow:

-Physical Enhancement-

Sealed Description: (Please detail the sealed appearance of your Resurrección. Otherwise known as the description of it's 'weapon' state. Be sure to state as to what kind of weapon it is(seeing as how Nnoitra uses a double crescent moon scythe) and detail and unique characteristics of it. A simplistic description that does not exceed a couple of sentences will prompt further elaboration. Detail out EVERYTHING about this blade, from its length, width, thickness, to the color of its handle, the shape of its crossguard, any other unusual ornamentation, or even the quality of the blade itself(is it completely smoothed and polished? Or is it jagged, rough, and murkily reflecting light? Do also note by what means the weapon is carried when in released state, if not kept at one's side with the black sash commonly seen in arrancar uniforms.)

Released Description: (What does your character look like in your Resurrección's released state? Please detail any changes that occur upon entering the Released State. This includes change in clothing, color of clothing, color of hair or eyes, color of skin, appearance of more appendages than normal, appearance of additional structures or appendages attached to the body shaped in some specific way to grant some specific thing, elongated canines, claws for hands, the appearance of a tail, eyelashes missing, hair now in a completely new coiffure(hairstyle) than before, the appearance of body armor, the appearance of a mask like helmet or the like, changes in physical stature, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. As far as the mind can imagine, and as much as you want to put in ... but do not give a simplistic description.)

Resurrección Ability(ies): (What abilities do you acquire that are usable in your Release state, and make you the deadly combatant you are? This must be, in some way, shape or form, linked to your Animal Representation and Family. You are permitted to be creative in attaching links, but do not go over the top and link extraneous or overdone abilities such as the ability to generate gamma ray/particles to either of those two classifications. An example of an ability would be Zommari's pumpkin-like body, in which he can slip into to avoid severe damage, or Nnoitra's ability to spawn multiple limbs, that then produce scythe-like weapons that he can use. These are different from techniques, which are unique moves that are usually non-passive and often offensive(attack-based).)

Ultimate Ability/Attack: (Much like Grimmjow's 'Desgarrón' or Szayel's 'Gabriel', it is the best ability or attack that you possess that will be your ace in the hole, or final desperation move. You can only have either an attack or ability, but NOT BOTH. This needs only to be connected to the Element that you select. If you select two, then you must link both to the Ability/Attack. This also requires a signficant cooldown relative to damage or effects afflicted to opponents that must be reduced through training.)

-Segunda Etapa-
(Available as default for Elite Four. All other Espada require a short training topic to achieve this level.)


Name: Name of your effect.
Effect: The effect this technique has, its abilities and such.
Post usage limit and or Cool down: Put usage limits and cool-downs on your techniques, such as, you use the technique so many number of times, and then the cool-down is how long you must wait before using the technique again.


[center][size=28][color=deepskyblue]Resurrección Template[/color][/size][/center]


[u][b]Release Phrase:[/u][/b]

[u][b]Animal Representation:[/u][/b]


[u][b]Sealed Description:[/u][/b]

[u][b]Released Description:[/u][/b]

[u][b]Resurrección Ability(ies):[/u][/b]

[u][b]Ultimate Ability/Attack:[/u][/b]


[b]Post usage limit and or Cool down:[/b]


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