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Zanpakutō Template

Name: Shinkan :: Silence

Manifestation: Shinkan's appearance is one of confusion above all else. He appears to his master as a man with long black hair. His head is down in defeat. His arms are chained to large rocks (stereotypical boulder sized rocks), and his wrists are bound to the ground. His hips are chained to the ground as well, and his calves are bound like his wrists while his ankles have large boulders like his arms. His clothing however appears to be one that would suggest no sign of struggle in getting him bound like that. He is dressed in an elegant black silk haori with golden trimming. He has a black, with gold trim, hakama on as well. But then around his feet he has a pair of large black boots that one would think is awkward to walk in. When he looks up, his hair falls over either the right or the left side of his face. Interesting note here is that the side the air covers appears to have scars under it as evident by scar lines spewing out from it (not a lot and not all over, just enough that one can see them), as well as a virtually impossibly flawless face on the side visible. This is an odd trait to him, but one that Raven has gotten used to.

His body is lithe. He seems rather lanky, but not anorexic or skeletal. Just a few steps below average. His eyes are a steel color. Not out of blindness, but out of natural "birth". His black hair always seems to be a mess as if he's been "bound" to that area for days without a bath (though he does not smell). He also has flawless teeth (on the side you can see), which is also odd considering his bindings and messy hair. He does not speak either. He is a mute. His voice comes out through telepathy. His facial expressions give his words tone. His voice comes off as inquisitive, and he once claimed he chose to be bound here as an experiment. He can also come off as cryptic. But above all else, his voice has a deep foreboding about it. One that effortlessly implies he is not to be agitated. As a final note, Shinkan can move. He can rise up and stand and walk around just fine. When appearing to Raven in the world outside of his Inner World, he walks around without any problem despite the four large boulders. When he is in his Inner World he will walk around and pick a new spot to "root"

While he is in Bankai, his form changes a bit. He looks severely younger (maybe post-pubescent teen but not late teens) and has a missing eye covered by a patch. From his missing eye there is a scar that expands outwards in a star burst style. It doesn't go out far though, only an inch. His hair is short, black, and bed-head style hair. His clothing is different too. He has a closed black gunner's vest on that is tight around him, and a white half mantle cape that goes down far enough to hide an entire arm. His hands are covered with a black glove on the left and a white glove on the right. His pants are black cargo jeans as well. Under said jeans he has on black combat boots.

His skin is pale, and on his wrists and ankles he has a cuff and a good amount of chains as if he was bound but broke free. Despite his young appearance, he still has that foreboding sound in his voice as if he should not be tempered with.

Release Command: "Release restraints, Shinkan!"

Family: Gravity

Level: Bankai

Sealed Description:
Shinkan  Katana_by_skino

Shinkan appears in his sealed form of a wakizashi. It's blade is about 60 cm in length, with a solid black colored handle. The handle of this blade feels as cold as the metallic looking casing it comes in. When the blade is sheathed it can appear to be all one thing. But with a simple gesture, the wakizashi can come out. Generally, Raven keeps the Zanpakuto inside his pants having created a special pocket just for it in his clothing. He keeps it in the back of the pants and while he has it rigged for stealth. Whether he is walking or sitting, he can mask it so that it's undetectable. The feel of the handle, though cold, is oddly rough. Odd, because despite the roughness, and by extension great grip, it doesn't feel strange. Maybe it might feel strange for those whom touch it for the first time.

The blade of Shikan is sleek as well as incredibly sharp. It's a standard sized blade for it's type of blade.

Shikai Description:
Shinkan  Guilty_Gear_Chipp_Zanuff_blade_by_gerodere

A double set of blades, one connected to each arm at the wrist. the blades themselves are tinged black and have three white stones going from the tip to the end. The blades have a special mechanism that allows them to slide forward as opposed to flicking forward like they look like they would do. They slide forward and backward and are double edged so that they can cut on either side. His hands are gloved, and this is what the blades sit on. The gloves are white. Unlike the picture

Bankai Release Phrase (Optional) Let go...

Bankai Description: He wears a tight white sleeveless vest. It is armored though, but the material it is made from is very flexible, which allows for him to be able to move freely. His pants are tight around his hips, causing them and the vest to look like one thing. As they move down his legs they flair out though. The right side of his pants are are black, and the left side is white. He has a piece of cloth that hangs down over his left leg, which reaches his feet. The cloth is a shade of gray. His shoes are black on the left side, and white on the right. He has on a pair of gloves as well. The gloves are incredibly soft despite their leather look. The left glove is black, and the right glove is white. It is from these gloves that blades come from. The white blade come from the black blade. The gloves themselves are actually apart of the blade, and can therefore be used as a form of blocking, but not cutting. Being hit with the gloves hurt though. The gloves are skin tight also.

When he releases his bankai, gravity around him lessens but then refocuses in an orbit around him. This means clouds will move in awkward patterns before circling him (assuming it's an fight in the sky), earth will come up and float as if trapped in an asteroid belt, etc etc.

Shikai Ability: While in Shikai, Shinkan allows him, Raven, to manifest "wells" of gravitational pull (only three) The wells look like clear ripples along the area of whatever he chooses. Once the wells are set he cannot dismiss them for a post after it's creation. These wells exert a force heavy enough to anchor anyone (meaning they cannot move) who stands within 0-3 feet of it's center. After three feet from the center if you stand at 4-6 feet from the center it will reduce one's speed by 60 percent. From 7-10 feet one's speed is cut down by 50 percent. These wells can be created on air, walls, the ground, anywhere Raven desires. This means the wells extend and radiate as far as 10 feet. The formation of these wells is silent, and if one is not looking for them then they are rather hard to see. Raven can also control the flow of gravity from the well. This means he can repel things as well as attract or anchor them. All depends on the flow of gravity...

Bankai Ability: Upon the release of his bankai, Raven creates four orbs that are all mixed shades of purple that roam the battlefield. Their ability (in a nut shell) is to manipulate gravity. Raven controls this with either hand movements or thoughts. He can mix them together to form various shapes (orbs, triangles, squares, etc etc) but he can never make them smaller than their default size (about half the size of a basketball), he cannot turn them into something solid, and he cannot make them any larger than a standard sized door. If someone were to touch them, they would go through the orb. As stated before, the orbs are made to manipulate gravity. Their manipulation value depends on Raven's will. If he wants them to increase their pull, they will do so. If he wants them to reduce the gravity, they will. They are all able to handle separate instructions as well (meaning orb A can have high gravity while orb B could remain neutral) Their pull can also be directed by Raven. Meaning whatever and wherever he wants their pull to effect, it will. The closer one is to the orbs, the more gravity one will feel regardless of their pull strength. When standing next to one movement is dropped by 90% making Shunpo, Sonido, etc etc, impossible. It also means metals crumble under this kind of weight, and one's body will develop bruises on the bones (if they are thinner the bones are at risk of just flat out breaking). Prolonged exposure (or exposure after one's bones are weakened already) may result in broken bones. Raven is unaffected by these orbs unless he wants to be. Their influence of pull can extend for up to 67 yards (about 200 feet) They float about silently no matter what. They can move through things as well. As with the wells in Shikai, he can push, pull, or semi-anchor (since anchoring isn't an option with this ability.)

Inner World:
Shinkan  Nebula_rcw49_04lrg

Shinkan's Inner World is space (to put it simply) To be exact, it is a Nebula. A Nebula is a collection of gases and materials to form stars. Shikan appears on a floating asteroid. The asteroid moves slowly, if at all, while Shinkan is on it. The purple Nebula is surrounded by stars, the entire area is surrounded by stars. Though they are in space, one can move as if he is on the ground. The odd thing is that it would seem that there is no..."air" (despite space lacking air) to solidify. Meaning if you jump up, you are now on "ground" that is elevated higher. If you jump down it's the opposite. It is also possible to just float as if you are in space. Around this empty space, comets will fly, as will flaming meteors. There are no ships though. The stars can be manipulated by Shikan for illustrative purposes, but after being manipulated they always resume their original size, shape, and position.

Zanpakutō Spirit Persona:

Shinkan is cryptic most of the time. He rarely gives a straight answer. If he does he either is very irritated, or feels the situation to be too important to play games. He is also someone who likes critical thinking. Critical thinking is: "The art of thinking about thinking while critically thinking." in his eyes. As such, he will often go off on rants that have nothing to do with the subject at hand. It's just something he does. He isn't even really aware he does it as often as he really does. The Spirit does have a bit of a temper though, and he isn't afraid to show it. The spirit seems to also enjoy taunting his owner. During times of sarcasm or a rhetorical question, he will refer to Raven as "master" or "sire" However this only seems to apply when they are speaking in the Inner World. When he is appearing to Raven outside of the Inner World, Shinkan appears to be very respectful and does refer to Raven as "master" more often than not.

The spirit also seems to be rather stoic. The only emotions he will show (if he ever does) will be annoyance, confusion, and distaste. Aside from that his voice is always neutral as is his face. When he spars with Raven his attitude changes a bit. Emotions are erased from him completely. He comes vicious but not bestial. It's the viciousness that one will see when an assassin is not holding back. It is also within combat that one can see the coldness that the two men share. If Shinkan injures Raven to the point of disabling him, he will not stop. He will not hold back. If anything, he increases the ferocity with which he attacks.



Name: Gravislash
Effect: The blades of his will begin to glow for a moment. After the glow settles down, there will be a purple hue to it. Anything touched by the blades will find themselves getting increasingly heavier while Raven gets lighter and moves faster. The gravity applied to someone is multiplied by 1.5 per hit. Raven gets lighter by .25 per hit.
Post usage limit and or Cool down: Duration: 4 // Cooldown: 4

Name: Application
Effect: This ability allows Raven to grant any object enough gravity to attract other object to it. (like the moon orbits the Earth) It's a simple ability but Raven can apply this property to three objects.
Post usage limit and or Cool down: Duration: 3 // Cooldown: 3

Name: Orbiter
Effect: Raven creates a gravitational pull with an area effect radius of thirty yards. The way this works is by him firing a dark purple beam of gravitational energy (meaning that even as it moves it pulls people and things in). When Raven detonates it, the beam will collapse upon itself at the start and form a well that, rather than pulls people in and anchors them, removes all gravity from it's sphere of influence. Anything Raven wishes to not be effected won't be, but if someone or something is cause inside of it, they will find themselves floating helplessly.
Post usage limit and or Cool down: Duration: 2 // Cooldown: 4


Name: Gravicrush
Effect: When Raven makes a hit, he can charge it with additional gravitational energy to give it an extra boost in power. This can be used on attacking part (fists, elbows, knees, feet, etc etc.)
Post usage limit and or Cool down: Duration: 1 // Cooldown: 1

Name: Gravitational Protection
Effect: This move allows Raven to create a large wall (about the size of Danku). This wall is made entirely out of a heavy concentrated gravitational energy. The wall can form within an instant and once formed, he is able to disassemble and relocate it instantly as well anywhere around him. The wall is so filled with gravity that anything that enters it is instantly stopped.
Post usage limit and or Cool down: Duration: 3 // Cooldown: 3

Name: Gravi-Brawler
Effect: This ability is a personal favorite of Raven's. It's an ability that is centered around him. All around him within thirty feet the gravity gets extremely heavy. Things that enter that area are slowed by 60% of their movement speed. Meanwhile, Raven actually moves faster and hits harder. As Raven grows, the technique grows as well.
Post usage limit and or Cool down: Duration: 3 // Cooldown: 3


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1. Its like I thought and I shared my doubts with ya yesterday. But Gravity is definitely not a element on the menu anymore. So sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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