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Seken Shimekiri

Post by Captain Commander on Wed Nov 24, 2010 12:21 pm

Name: Seken Shimekiri (End "of the" World)


Seken is a trickster, and due to this, he has appeared to be something of a, shapeless being. Never really staying in one form for too long. As he has been around for a good ten-thousand years, he is one of thee oldest Zanpoktous in the Soul Soceity, if not the oldest. This Zanpoktou has two brown wood-like horns protruding from his skull, which curve at the top. His skin is brownish as well, giving off the look of an African. He stands at a good 6'1, and has no recorded weight. His hair appears to be a deep royal blue, which nearly reflects the fact that his eyes are a stern goldenrod. He has a vevlet vest that he wears, and on his shoulder blades cruving down under his neck, he has a slice mark, which seems to have been stitched up, and put back together like a ragdoll. He has clawed fingers, and his vest has numerous belt buckles with small straps over it, the vest reaches down, but not enough to cover a part of his pelvis, on his left side. His left arm is covered in worn out bandages. His right is covered in weird markings, a tattoo signifying his power.

In Bankai, he appears to be the same, except he has long black wings, more resembling that of a crow, and his arms grown in size. Like his muscles exploded. His shoes are ripped and torn asunder by large claws, resembling a dragons, and his eyes are now bright white. Enough to send off a luminous glow.

Release Command: This is the, Seken Shimekiri.

Family: Lightning

Level: Bankai

Sealed Description: The Zanpakutō takes the form of a katana with a snow white sheath, goldenrod hilt-wrapping and a guard in a shape similar to the Kidō Corps' emblem, consisting of a circle with a pentagon-like shape in the center and three points protruding from the edges evenly spaced apart. The blade is slightly larger then those which surround it, being a total of three meters long, however it is as light weight as it could possibly be. Along the side of the blades actual blade, are numerous holes. Which are able to increase the stabbing capabilities of this zanpoktou, as the wholes would snag onto skin and rip out flesh naturally. There are twelve holes in all, and each hole is evenly spaced from one part to another. An odd feature of the sealed blade itself however, is that the blade is sealed into the skin of the Captain Commander, and at command it releases itself from his skin and appears in his hand.

Shikai Description: In Shikai the Zanpakutō takes the form of an three bladed Ōdachi, one blade, which would be as long as the sealed form, would point striaght up, if the hilt was facing down, and from the hilts guard, two blades equal in the length of the main blade would protrude from the hilt diagonally, creating a claw like shape. The hilt would then be covered in a azure hilt-wrapping and a guard in a shape of a small orb, with five protrusions upon it, consisting of six circle rings which went from its base to its other base, the orb would constantly move colors it seemed, changing from black and white constantly. The orb would have five spike protrusions which would extend to a reach of three centimeters, and on the tip of each of these spiked protursions, there would be a a decagon-like shape which would cover each time. These Decagons where alternating in color of yellow and light green, and also. However, this appearance would only last until he said the command of Electrocute. Which would then send the entire blade into a frenzy, converting its appearance into that of electricity, blue electricity, with yellow sparks floating about it.

Bankai Release Phrase: Explosion

Bankai Description: The Sword Vanishes. Nothing happens. However, for his enemies, things do begin to happen. The Bankai is only effective if the Shikais ability has worked, and due to this. The bankai has no appearance.

Shikai Ability: When the blade is swung, used in a stab motion, or not even moved at all, at any time, an arc of electricity is fired out from it. The arcs size is large, being the size of a king sized matress. The electric blast or arc of energy will lash outwards from the blade, and will attempt to maim, shred, cut, slice, saw through, or enter the body or object of whatever the lightning happens to make acontact with at that time. It is believed that this Zanpoktou at close range is able to practically cut through any object that isn't a zanpoktou, and is launched at him. Making the overall deadliness of the Zanpoktou as a whole incredibly dangerous. As he could potentially surge forth enough energy from the blade to cut through a series pf buildings. Due to the old age of the zanpoktou, many have not seen the bankai form of the zanpoktou ever. Though it is admitted that it has no form, and is used only to truly erase the entirity of whoever happens to be struck by the lightning in which has been endowed by the Zanpoktou. Now, on a safe not. For the ability of the Bankai to work the most effectively, a physical slash with the blade must happen. Weither it be from the power of the electric or normal form of the blade. As long as a bit of the metal particles of the blade is in the dna of the victum or in the item, then the Bankais ability will work effectively.

Bankai Ability: As the release phrase suggest, from this ability, a powerful shockwave of energy will burst forth from the object, creating a pillar of lightning that ranges from over fifty feet in radius. It is a huge explosion, that under normal circumstances dodged with a well timed shunpo or orther speed movement type deal. The shockwave of energy is only able to be created from the electricity, meaning it is able to be done even if the blade swings out an arc of energy. The downside to the bankai ability, is the lack of rapid succession. Though its effect is powerful, and it has the power to potentially demolish everything in its range instantly, it can only be used once every five posts. Which is why the Captain Commander never relies on it much in battle.

Inner World:

(Describe your Spiritual Inner World. What does it look like? Be detailed; I don't want to see any of that "looks like a cavern" crap here. You may not use an image. I will only accept it typed out in words, in paragraph form and in detail. I want also every last inch of your character's inner world described, any odd places, locations, any strange things about it, and anything else about it, everything! This should have a minimum of 100 words, at least.)

Zanpakutō Spirit Persona:

(Here, you insert the personality of your Zanpakutō Spirit. Their habits, emotions felt in certain circumstances. Everyone has a personality, their own little secrets, a bad side, and even a side of themselves not normally shown in front of others; how they act in stressful situations, under pressure, to the pain of loss, to certain types of people, certain races, etc. Type out your Zanpakutō Spirit's personality in paragraph form; I want every last aspect of their personality laid out right here, leave nothing out, and be creative. None of that one line, " He/She/It is brave, and loves to fight. When he/she/it gets mad, he/she/it is ruthless" crap. I know most people can do better, but even so, they don't apply themselves as well as they could have. Please, take no offense; I am not generalizing; but I have seen it enough to become paranoid over it, so please do make it nice and detailed, Okay ^^. Personality should have a minimum of 200 words.)


Name: Name of your effect.
Effect: The effect this technique has, its abilities and such.
Post usage limit and or Cool down: Put usage limits and cool-downs on your techniques, such as, you use the technique so many number of times, and then the cool-down is how long you must wait before using the technique again.

(Do note, that you must state whether or not the technique is used in Shikai or Bankai, like so. [Shikai] and [Bankai] Also, when adding a new technique, you must also train that technique before you may use it. More to come on guidelines for that, in the future. ATTENTION: Do not forgot to put usage limits and cool-downs on your techniques, such as, you use the technique so many number of times, and then the cool-down is how long you must wait before using the technique again. Be reasonable with this; you can't have an absurd usage limit, like 100 or something. Thank you!

Another thing is to be noted: when creating a Shikai or Bankai release, the powers should manifest through the actual blade instead of the character, as releasing already gives a power boost. You are not to have a transformation of the character's body, when they release Shikai or Bankai; as such a thing only applies to the Arrancar's release.)

How about we have a Smoke, and get too know you from the inside.
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