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Post by Helena on Sat Feb 05, 2011 9:37 am

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Hello people!! Call me Helena for short. As you can see, our site had just been recently made and my main purpose is to either have an affiliation with your site or simply advertising which also in return we'll do the same. Unfortunately, we don't have a plot - that is because it will be created as time goes on and, we need your help to do so. You see, RPG Haven is all about having fun and exploring new things - experimenting and adventure. Please check our site. My deepest gratitude.

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RPG Haven - the name of our site, is an anime and non-anime forum whereby players enjoyed playing the variety of different races and guilds. It's not based on any specific anime but i'm sure you can find any anime you want in here, (Do you want to know what i mean?? Check our site ^^,)be it magic, ninja,vampires,or angels, or characters that you want to explore and use your own creativity. It's all about having fun and making friends. (Click the Yin Yang symbol to visit our site)

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Thank you very much
♥Helena of the RPG Haven♥


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