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My Zanpakuto

Post by birdo783 on Tue Sep 20, 2011 1:01 pm

Zanpakutō Template

Name: Kaishi/Gurandoinsepushon (Inception/Ground Inception)

Manifestation: Kaishi is a man with shaven hair, he wears a brown cloak with denim trousers. The most notable thing is he has siamese triplets, both growing from either hip.

Release Command: Devour, Kaishi

Family: Kidou/Melee (Not Sure)

Level: Bankai

Sealed Description: A regular katana apart froma prolonged guard.

Shikai Description: The katana grows a slight longer, the hilt grows bigger, and most importantly, the guard turns into two extra blades.

Bankai Release Phrase (Optional): None

Bankai Description: The katana grows as long as a nodachi, but it's now a common broadsword, It's hilt turns from black to indigo and gets a decarative dragon on it, the extra blades grow slightly.

Shikai Ability: Kaishi can make it's extra blades bend and twist, moving them freely.

Bankai Ability: Once I drop Gurandoinsepushon into the ground (it sinks magically) I can make giant blades protrude from the ground, being able to freely bend, rotate and move.

Inner World: My world is really bleak in background, the floor is interesting though, it's made of unbreakable glass, but it has flowers and grass growing over it. A couple simple animals exist, but most of all there's alot of cats. In the center there's one single mossy rock.

Zanpakutō Spirit Persona: Kaishi is very cheery, although he hides it most of the time, when he hides it, he is very calm and mostly silent, the way to make him open up is to introduce him to a new person. He talks more around me, but still stays calm. You can tell when he feels romantic because he gets frustrated unless he's around the "special" person. This lasts until he confesses his feelings.


Shikai: Desugurippu (Death Grip), Sasupensubōru (Suspense Ball)

Bankai: Arīna (Arena), Baindosetto o appu (Bind Setup)

Name: Desugurippu
Effect: The sword simply wraps around the victim and quickly squeezes them
Post usage limit and or Cool down: Kaishi likes to be clean, so i must wash the blood of him, unless urgent.

Name: Sasupensubōru
Effect: The swords dig underground, and I give the false impression that I will spear my enemy, instead, I set-up a sphere with a single hole on the top, made out of the swords. I then position the hole at the enemies feet, and launch it up. He gets trapped when I close up the hole, apart from a miniscule gap. As the swords close in, all the blood gets filtered through the gap.
Post usage limit and or Cool down: Yet again I have to wash Kaishi, it also takes a long time to set-up.

Name: Arīna
Effect: The giant blades make a square around the foe and bends a roof over, it uses swords as small bars to make a window to view. I make smaller spikes and let the victim try to avoid them.
Post usage limit and or Cool down:

Name: Baindosetto o appu
[b]Effect: I make the required amount of swords for one of two kido spells (bakudo 62 and 75) and they act as a part of the spell. The kido practitioner only has to use bakudo 4 to have the same effect, but using a mountain less reiatsu.

Try yours!


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