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Rukia Kuchiki

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Shinigami Template

Name: Rukia Kuchiki

Age: 150

Visual Age: 150

Gender: Female

Appearance: Short and petite, Rukia has light skin and violet-colored eyes. Her hair is black, with several strands of hair always hanging between her eyes. Byakuya has stated she strongly resembles her sister, Hisana Kuchiki. As a Shinigami of the Gotei 13, Rukia wears a standard Shihakushō. 17 months after Aizen's defeat, Rukia wears her hair cropped into a bob which hangs about her face. She wears a fingerless white tekkou, similar to Byakuya's, which extend above her elbows. As a lieutenant, she wears her Division Badge around her uniform's left sleeve, which has been shortened to just reach her upper arm.

Personality: Initially born into a lower class, Rukia retains her modesty, even as an adopted member of the nobility. She is graceful and "clean", yet chooses to talk to ordinary people. However, her cool and lone demeanor often forces her to hide her personal troubles, even from her friends. According to Ukitake, Rukia never opens up her heart, and has difficulty making friends. Rukia is clueless about the ways of the modern Human World. She is very good at acting, having acted her way through a number of tough situations, such as getting out of trouble with school teachers and convincing the Kurosakis to let her stay at their house. Rukia always has trouble finding clothes that fit her, especially when inhabiting a Gigai in the Human World, leading to her stealing clothes from Ichigo's sister, Yuzu. She likes to climb to high places. Rukia likes everything rabbit-themed. She becomes quite sensitive when someone insults her obsession with rabbits. People often have difficulty understanding her drawings, which are typically rabbit-like, and doesn't like it when people complain about their quality. Rukia's favorite foods are cucumber, eggs, and rice dumplings.

Nicknames: None

Likes: (AT LEAST 5)
- Rabbits and themes about them - Because they are kute
- Climb to high place - Do you really need a reason for this?
- Like to eat cucumber, eggs, and rice dumplings - Because they are my favorite foods
- 6th Division - Because it's the Counter Intelligence
- 13th Division - Because it's my favorite Division

Dislikes: (AT LEAST 5)
- Spiders - Do you really need a reason for this?
- People mocking passion with rabbits - Because that's impolite and touch
- Members of the fellow noble houses looking down upon those not from a noble lineage - Because that's impolite
- People blame there abilities although they can do them - Because they have that abilities, not don't have
- 11th Division - Because 11 Division love fightings but not think before fightings

Habits/quirks: (3-5) Being passion with rabbits and themes about them. Also climb to high places. Afraid spiders sice childhood. Loyal to one of the Divisions she belong to. Acting when have troubles to get out of them

Rank: Lieutenant of the 13th Division

Division: 13th Division

Specialties: Drawing pictures about rabbits and acting when it's necessary

History: Approximately 150 years ago, Rukia and her older sister, Hisana, were brought together to Inuzuri, the 78th District of Rukongai, after they died in the Human World. Unable to live there while caring for a child, Hisana abandoned Rukia when she was still a baby. Rukia grew up on her own for a considerable amount of time. One day, Rukia tripped an adult who was chasing Renji Abarai's group of friends, and urged them to follow her to avoid losing the water they had stolen. Rukia joined their group, becoming their spiritual leader, and they lived together as a family. They all hated Inuzuri and the people there. Rukia exhibited some spiritual power during this time. Ten years after Rukia joined the group, with all of their friends dead, Rukia proposed they become Shinigami and live in Seireitei, noting she had heard it was pretty there. Renji agreed with her. As they were gifted with spiritual powers, they entered the Shin'ō Academy with ease, where they struggled to stand out from those from the noble families. The night before the welcoming ceremony for the new students of the Academy, against Rukia’s advice, Renji slept in a tree. The following morning, he fell out of the tree and landed on a headstone where a startled Izuru Kira had been praying, for which Rukia scolded him. Two months after entering the Academy, Renji, scolding Rukia for still not fitting in, informed her he was going to the Human World for field training to practice Konsō for the first time. Rukia complained about this being unfair, but Renji retorted that it is about talent, and that he will get stronger. Rukia said she will show him she is the stronger one, but trailed off. One day, while meeting with Byakuya Kuchiki and his entourage, Renji entered the room to tell her he had passed an important exam. Disappointed with the interruption, the nobles, leaving, told Rukia they were eager to hear her answer. After they had left, Renji asked her what they wanted. She told him they wanted to adopt her into the Kuchiki Clan, having her graduate immediately and be assigned to the 13th Division, which Renji congratulated her on. Rukia thanked him and left. Rukia was told Byakuya adopted her into the Kuchiki family due to her similarity to Hisana, whom he had married. Rukia was admitted to the 13th Division without taking their entrance exam. On her first day in the Division, she is shown into a room by a fellow Shinigami, whom she told to treat her like any other new recruit. After he left, she heard him and others talking about her and the favoritism shown to nobles. Rukia was disappointed it was like that there as well. Lieutenant Kaien Shiba entered the room, introduced himself, and scolded her for her weak reply. Rukia was deeply happy she could have a normal relationship with her superior, rather than being treated as special. That evening, Rukia reported to Byakuya her first day had ended peacefully and she did not attain a Seated Officer position, but Byakuya asked her to leave. Later, Rukia, becoming Kiyone Kotetsu's assistant, went on a mission to the Human World. During her time in the 13th Division, she became friends with Kaien. One day, seeing she was gloomy, Kaien told her as long as she was in his Division, he would stand by her, even if he died. They were interrupted by the drunk Kiyone and Sentarō Kotsubaki, who tried to encourage her. Kaien mentored Rukia, teaching her how to fight. Their first training location was Mount Koifushi of Hokutan, the 3rd District of West Rukongai, where Kaien taught her about the concept of the heart. He was present when she learned her Shikai's first two "dances". Rukia greatly admired Kaien's wife, 3rd Seat Miyako Shiba, wanting to be like her someday. When Miyako was killed by a Hollow, Rukia, Kaien, and Ukitake went to its lair. She offered to go first in order to scout out its abilities, but Kaien asked to face the Hollow alone. When its special ability destroyed Kaien's Zanpakutō, Rukia attempted to help, but was stopped by Ukitake. He told her Kaien's fight was one of honor rather than a fight for his life. If she were to help, Kaien's life would be saved, but his honor would be forever damaged. After protesting about this, Rukia reluctantly obeyed his order. However, the Hollow, entering Kaien's body, possessed him. The Hollow attempted to attack Rukia, but Ukitake, blocking it, sent Rukia away as he fought it. Afraid to fight it, she obeyed, but she came back because she wished to help Kaien and was afraid to face her cowardice in future. As it leaped at her, she noted it was no longer Kaien. Unable to bear seeing him like that, she stabbed Kaien. He thanked Rukia and apologized for dragging her into it. Kaien died in Rukia's arms. Rukia brought the corpse to the Shiba family estate, but was afraid to apologize out of guilt from her role in Kaien's death. Forty years after her adoption into the Kuchiki Clan, Kiyone and Sentarō informed Rukia she had been assigned to the Human World. Rukia thought this was a transfer order, which Kiyone denied, reminding her of her previous mission to the Human World, which Rukia still failed to remember. Ukitake told her she was being assigned to Karakura Town for one month, which should be easy for her. Rukia thanked him for telling her. Ukitake asked if she had told Byakuya about it, but she stated he would not wish to be bothered with such a minor thing. Ukitake offered to tell him for her, for which Rukia thanked him.

Role Play Sample:
Another day in the soul society, somewhere in the rukon district. The young reaper wondered around the place looking up at the sky, his arms folded with a smirk on his face. Then hearing the words" Stop.... Hey you!" an old man coming out of a store and a young man running out of the store at full speed. The wind blew harder and DK suddenly disappeared as the leaves from a tree passed him by.

Appearing in front of the thief he then pointed his index finger at the thief's chest and said" Perish, thief... Hado # 4: Byakurai." lightning appeared in his finger then shot through the thief, blood shot out of his chest, but why did DK go overboard? For he noticed the thief had a small zanpakutou on his back that may seemed like an ordinary knife, but he sensed the reishi. A rogue shinigami that escape from Maggot's nest it seems. Grabbing the young man by his neck with his right hand, his grip tightened and then threw him away. As the rogue reaper was falling DK quickly said in a calm and quiet voice" Bakudo 61: Rikujōkōrō" six rods of light gathered around the reaper and was trapped.

DK walked away then said "Bakudo # 77: Tenteikūra....Black and white net. Twenty-two bridges, sixty-six crowns and belts. Footprints, distant thunder, sharp peak, engulfing land, hidden in the night, sea of clouds, blue line. Form a circle and fly though the heavens" he said while making arm signs. Then sent a message to Ryohei of the 4th division and said" Clean up crew, get over here." then disabling the kido.

Walking a way a bit, more into the rukon district he then caught sight of the third division captain, Zeroshin Hakura it seemed. Walking towards him, wearing his 5th division haori. Then remembered that they were supposed to have a kido fight and thought he should surprise him. Then whispering "Bakudo # 99: Kin" even though it was already a formidable he expected more from the 3rd.

He then pointed his right hand, his palm high and pointed at the 3rd, holding his right arm with his left hand. DK then spoke" Hado # 33: Sōkatsui" gathering blue flame in his palm then shot it towards the 3rd. This was only a warm up of course.
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