How to properly exit a topic

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How to properly exit a topic

Post by Rommel on Sat Jul 24, 2010 4:48 pm

We've noticed that many people; instead of writing a post followed by writing "exit" they just write exit. This is bad in many ways. For example unannounced to you someone may want to attack you before you leave or even follow you and when you just write "exit" the person is left with no basis to go off of and this leads to many misunderstandings and arguments. That is the reason this post is being made; to teach anyone who wants to know "how to properly exit a topic."

Firstly, you should write a usual post by responding to the other people's actions and then writing about your own. Secondly, you should state clearly in-game that you are leaving the topic by closing any lose ties you might have. Thirdly, you should clearly state out-of-game that you are exiting the topic by leaving a space and then putting the word "exit" in some manor. Fourthly, even though you have left the topic you should check back and read the next post of every other person in the topic to see if they interfered with you leaving. If they have you should respond with your response. These steps should be taken if you wish to leave a topic. There are no exceptions.

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