Dual Elements!

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Dual Elements!

Post by Chinou on Sat Jul 31, 2010 10:37 pm

That's right, the staff members have decided to incorporate dual elements into the site. Of course, there will be requirements you must meet. There are also restrictions. Now, to be clear on a few things:

  • Single element wielding is for focused users who wish to master one element and, for a lack of better word, own it.

  • Dual element wielding is for users who desire versatility and creativity with their weapons.

  • Combining two elements that result in an unrealistic technique and thus proving headache's for the staff will result in your registration being denied and the privilege of possessing two elements taken from you, forever.

Dual Elements!

A) Dual elements (max of 2, period) will be permitted. They can be a combination of any two elements, so long as they can work in tandem. Not just two disparate elements used individually.

B) The rate(ratio of posts to tech) at which a dual element user can gain techs is greater than that of a single element user. Which means that single element users come out with the advantage of a higher number of techs than their dual counterparts.

C) Techniques must be able to incorporate BOTH elements at once. Rather than the first technique being the first element, the second technique being the second element, and then the third being the first again. Etcetera.

D) Possessing two elements means you have less proficiency in both elements, so you have to work on both elements in exchange for the edge it gives you as a dual element wielder. A single element wielder however will have much more proficiency in that single elemental than you, a dual element user. eg. You have fire and wind. A user who has just fire will have more proficiency in that single element of his than you would.

E) You only get to choose whether to have dual elements or not the first time you register your application. You can not choose to have dual elements after a while of being a single element user. Basically, dual elements are available as a default. You get the choice to choose to have dual elements or not.

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