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Story Line

Post by Chinou on Sun Aug 01, 2010 1:46 am

The realm of Bleach, with all that was once held to be truth omitted. No longer did the Reign of Sosuke Aizen ever occur ... and neither did the unorthodox heroics of Ichigo Kurosaki. The world has been reshaped, as fate presents an alternative path, in which new beings take center stage in the roles one fulfilled by others.

Come, for the story of this realm now requires the players to take action, and let the show begin!

For the past century or so, the spiritual realms have fallen into a time of accord. The arrancars, now organized by an elite group known as the 'Renacido', have negotiated a peace treaty with the Gotei 13 of Seiretei. With these two warring factions now willingly setting down their arms, peace has become the norm of the world. Hollow excursions to Karakura Town, still a Jureichi(A spiritually charged zone), have become fewer and fewer. The Bountou and Quincy populations have seen a growth, and are beginning to stabilize after the many years of war and choosing sides between shinigami and arrancar. Even the Vaizards, once considered rejects of societies, are being seen in a more positive light.

Thought not entirely free of gruesome, yet singular events, Karakura Town, Hueco Mundo, and the Soul Society have becoming quiet mundane areas of calm(considerable less for the middle of the three, but nonetheless), and the natural order of the cosmos is as fine as ever ... to the unwary eye, examining from the outside.

From within, with all the powder kegs now being lined up like dominoes by mysterious slight of hands, conflicts and squabbles are lighting sparks. The Whole of Worlds and their Natural Orders shall be challenged in the coming events and the consequences that ensue after them. No one knows who is responsible for the recent events at hand, who this person or these people are ... and what their goal is. No one even knows what shall be the powder keg that sets off the new war. But one thing is certain, that the world will change. Accord shattered to Discord. Peace meanders off to allow War in its place. Calm will soon be overtaken by Rampant.

Events have been set in motion, letting slip the Wheel of Fate that none can halt. Conflict is inevitable. But what matters most is not this looming war, with sides unchosen, but what lies in the shambles beyond it. What names and beings shall arise and be forever carven into the history of all? Time will tell.

The time is now to set your own story. A whole world, and a new world order awaits. A descent from tranquility shall give arise to opportunities untold ... for once the Halcyon days are gone, strife shall appear ... and 'forbidden' will disappear from the vocabulary of all the sides drawn to the conflict.

This world awaits, waiting for the players that shall write its history, timeless and eternal ... here at Bleach Online

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