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Plot: Humans now live in a world of chaos, after a strange accurence in what is called the gaia of the world. The gaia is the spirit of the earth, meaning that now severed the world's gaia fragments spread world wide into objects such as earings, necklaces, rings, and weapons of unkown. These fragments generate a strange power which taps into the mind and soul to create wonderous and mysterious powers. The problem with this is that this power is so imense it can corrupt the soul to want to be in control of power. Such places to learn how to control this power is the Shikigan Highschool, the school of elements. This school is mandetory now, and has been tradition for thirteen years now.

Ever since that disruption in the earth's gaia their have been disappearences in lands such as america, eruope and austrailia. The only thing is no one has seen who had made these lands disappear or for the fact hadn't noticed the lands disappeared in the first place. Years have past and now the world is completly destroyed, each land in japan were sectioned off as sectors or divisions. Each enclosed to its own type of people. The world has gotten strange but people have been disappearing and re appearing corrupted using the gaia fragments for good or bad. The world needs the gaia fragments back or the world it self will be thrown out of ballence.


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