Niiro's Ress'

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Niiro's Ress'

Post by Niiro on Sat Oct 30, 2010 6:58 pm

Resurrección Template

Name: Blanca Escorpion

Release Phrase: Crush

Animal Representation: Scorpion

Element: Poison, Reiatsu

Sealed Description: It looks like a regular except for the end of the blade is more of a square shape and there is a stripe that extends from guard to the end of the blade. The guard is a black star. The grip is also black. The black stripe going down the blade is actually a second blade concealed within it. It can be removed by pulling on the center end of the grip.

Released Description: Blanca Escorpion: After releasing, Niiro becomes covered in an armored attire, resembling a humanoid scorpion. He has a bone like, white exoskeleton that covers his entire body including his head. He is entire face is covered except for his eyes and nose. He is left with two slots where his eyes are and two small holes for each nostril to breathe through. Although his mouth is covered he is still able to speak. He also gains a skeletal tail coming from spine; though it is connected to his body it feels no pain from with extreme density and endurance. However, he can choose to withdraw it until needed, appearing with no tail unless he chooses to extend it from his back upon release and any time after. The tail can get up to 12ft long. From the exoskeleton are small, transparent hairs all over him that provide another sense to detect vibrations in the air and in the earth itself. He also has a 2ft claw on his left hand that can expand up to 4ft and shrink to the size of his hand. For him the claw feels light-weight like a feather, but it actually weights 100lbs. He can remove his tail and then split it into four seperate parts, thus being able to turn it into a variety of different weapons like a lance, giant four-star shuriken, up to four sword-like tails with each one being able to connect to each other at the dull end, and a slender, spikey tail that is able to expand to up to 20ft.

Resurrección Ability(ies): Niiro has to ability to produce poison in the form of liquid. However, he can administer the liquid poison through contact as his exoskeleton excretes this liquid through physical contact that enters through the skin and surface of whatever he touches, entering the bloodstream and shoots the nerves while giving painful paralysis on the area of contact.

Small Amount (4 gallons): Instant, lasts 15 posts and begins to turn normal instantly. (It's small...)
Medium/Ample Amount (8 gallons): 2 posts (Lasts 12 posts and turns back to normal within five posts afterwards)
Large (excessively large) (12 gallons):4 posts (Lasts seven posts and takes four posts to go back to normal)

Enhanced Keen Intellect: His intellect is increased when he uses his Ress'. It has to be in order to produce the poison wherever he wants it to be. Also he is able to produce it when he wants. Also with his intellect increased he is able to control his tail while not only using, one weapon, but multiple weapons at the same time and being able to spread the poison to the weapons as well.
Enhanced Speed: His speed is increased for the simple reason of being able to attack quicker. When using his tail it is able to move at fifty miles per hour. His punching, kicking, and sword swinging speed is also increased to fifty miles per hour. Even though his is speed is increased his power, or strength, is not.
Enhanced Heirro: His hierro is the result of the new exoskeleton, which has drastically increased. His tail(s)'s also covered in this steel hard skin. This steel hard skin compliments his enhanced strength, able to ignore recoil from his own attacks. He usually relies on his hierro when an unavoidable attack comes his way to reduce damage. In other cases, he usually blocks or avoids his opponents attacks when he can.

Ultimate Ability/Attack: This ability's name is unknown. Can layer his body with the clear liquid poison, thus becoming a secondary armor aside for his own Heirro, thickening his Heirro, and making it look as if it was his regular skeletal armor. This poison is able to paralyze anything it touches to a certain extent. When he makes physical contact with a shinigami, arrancar, ect. it takes 3 post for the poison to take full affect. While the poison is starting to take affect the person who is undergoing the effects of the poison's joints begin to stiffen up and become harder to use. After 3 post his opponent is paralyzed for 3 post and is unable to move their joints. After the 3 post it takes an additional 2 post to fully regain their ability to move. Niiro can control where and how much of the poison he can release. This form can last for 7 post. Cooldown: 8 post
Drawback: For both the Ability and the Ultimate Ability, it can only affect someone if it touches their skin directly. That means it doesn't slip through their clothing or any kind of shit like that.

Will add on later

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Re: Niiro's Ress'

Post by Hunter on Sun Oct 31, 2010 5:27 am

1. Liquid poison? Isn't your vile sperm enough?

2. Add a drawback.

3. I really don't like this app.

4. My zan is better.


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Re: Niiro's Ress'

Post by Captain Commander on Mon Nov 01, 2010 12:59 am


How about we have a Smoke, and get too know you from the inside.
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Re: Niiro's Ress'

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