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Shinigami Template
Name: Col, Thasti


Visual Age: 23

Gender: Male

Thasti Col Male-0000

His height is 6'1'', and he weighs about 185 lbs, which is mostly muscle. The muscles across his body isn't huge and obnoxious. But to anyone who sees it, it is clear this man works out. His skin is smooth and warm to the touch though, and it's odd that it remains like this in virtually any weather. The male generally tries to walk around with a smile as well, but that isn't always the case. As far as any extra features go, he has four tattoos of the same green-eyed red dragon. Each one is in a different position though. The first is on the back of his neck covered only by his hair. This one it going up, coming from his back, wings slightly spread, and pointed up to his head. The second one one is on his right shoulder going down with it's wings folded in. This one is only visible in Shikai. The third one is across his upper back, above his shoulder blades, visible when Bankai can be used. And the fourth is on the left side of his neck and is hidden behind his collar and is only visible when he enters Bankai.

Thasti's dark eyes always seem to give off that feeling that he is thinking about something as well. Despite this level of deepness to them he seems friendly enough based upon facial features alone.


Thasti is a man whom understands and is in touch with his emotions. Does this mean he is a sissy guy who just gets pushed around? Hell no. It just means he knows what he feels when he feels it. He is a very nice guy though, willing to help out people if they need it (and they can help themselves) as well as willing to do the right thing. He has a problem with his naivity though. It's not that he truly trusts people, but he sees the good in them when there is no good to be seen.

He is also a cold-hearted killer when he needs to be. When fighting he looses all sense of compasion and empathy. He looses all care for whatever and whoever gets hurt (save his friends), and all that matters is killing the enemy. He is calculating as well, both in and out of a fight, willing to sit there and analyze things until he knows them.

He is generally a happy person though. He likes smiling more than frowning and laughing more than crying. He enjoys those times in his life when he doesn't have to worry about anything. Laid back would be a good word to describe Thasti on a good day.




+Smoking: It's an addiction, he likes it though.

+Fighting: Killing is just fun for him.

+Zanpakuto Spirit: One of his first true friends.

+Vizards: It's what he is, and he's come to embrace it after being spiteful of it.

+Shakespeare: He does enjoy reading as well. The works of Shakespeare are his favorite.


+People who cannot help themselves: He hates to try and help those that don't care enough to help themselves.

+Hollow: He may be part Hollow, but he still finds Hollows to be an annoyance to the world.

+Arrogance: Cocky people are just annoying.

+People who aren't challenging: Time in the 11th Division has made him crave strength in an enemy.

+Being without a smoke:'s an addiction. He wants a smoke when he wants a smoke...


+ Checking to make sure he still has smokes left

+ Tapping his finger on a surface

+ Holding his zanpakuto hilt in a casual situation.

Rank: Captain

Division: 10

Specialties: Acrobatics - For as nimble and graceful as he is on the ground, he is every bit more numble and graceful in the air when moving.



Thasti Col was born in the 80th District of the Rukongai. A rough place, that much was known from the time of his birth. And of course with no real family to turn to, he resorted to just being a loner. He didn't like how the other kids and even some adults acted. They ran around like they owned the place and forced people to bend to their will. Thasti was better than that though. He saw something wrong, and he didn't really go out of his way to help it, but he sent a message not to fuck with him anytime they rolled around in his area. Thasti would stand up to them when they demanded money. He'd fight them off until either he could no longer fight or they quit. He refused to take that kind of treatment from anyone.

It was also while Thasti was young that he heard of Shinigami, of course, through the few people he did know and consider friends. After acquiring a nice sum of information he made up his mind that one day he would be a Shinigami. From that day forward he worked on his physical limits, pushing himself to run faster, hit harder, take harder hits, etc etc.


It took him two tries to finally enter the academy. The first time he was rejected due to lack of physical performance. So he worked on that or a few decades and returned. Upon his second coming he passed and was allowed in. He bid his friends farewell, but they didn't seem too thrilled about him leaving. They never even said bye. They just watched as he left them with hateful eyes, as if he had stuck a knife in their back and twisted it all around until their spinal cords were only a remnant of what it used to be.

Of course this hurt Thasti as he was a man whom knew his emotions. But he had to push it out of his mind. He was a Shinigami-to-be now, and he had no room for worrying over his past. Thasti quickly picked up Zanjutsu. He was complimented on his natural affinity for the blade. It was rare not to see the boy in the sparing area practicing his forms. This caught the eye of some Divisions already. After Zanjutsu, his best class was Kido. He picked up on spells easy enough, and performed them with ease after learning them. While there wasn't an affinity for it, there was an unnatural talent. Following that was Hakuda. It was here he met the man named Raven. But they'd never formally met. Raven was just paired up with Thasti for sparing. As it happened, Raven was also the leading cause of Thasti's daily bruising. But that never discouraged him. He only wanted to try harder. His worst (note HE is not shitty in it, it just wasn't his best class) class was Shunpo. He wasn't bad in it by any means. But compared to his other classes he could improve quite a bit.

Thasti's Zanpakuto Spirit came to him half way through his first year at the Academy. While he could hear his voice, his name was lost to him. He spoke to him every night though regardless. Thasti found comfort and friendship within the dragon spirit of his Zanpakuto. With him in his hands Thasti would practice zanjutsu every day and every night until his arms were tired. On his fourth year at the academy, Thasti heard his Spirit speak his name. The male grinned at this and upon proving he was fit for graduation, left the Academy.


After finally graduating from the Academy, he was quickly picked up by the 11th Division. It seemed there was some interest in the male across the board. Of course his abnormally high marks in Zanjutsu caused the 11th Division to fight, and win, for him tooth and nail. Finally though they had him, and his love of battle showed every time he was sent out on missions with his group. He made a few friends in that Division, although bonds based upon a love of battle are very fragile as Thasti found out later on in life.

He ran with the 11th Division for a couple hundred years and as he did he grew more and more battle hungry. Outside of the Shinigami's vision though there was still some talk about him. The 10th Division needed more members like him who were proficient in all areas of combat. They reasoned that the 11th Division was closing off all his other talents. But of course the 11th Division Captain wouldn't let him go. So 10th Division got sneaky. They began to meet with Thasti "randomly" They'd bump into him in the streets, or see him at a bar. Sometimes they'd "accidentally" get put on the same mission. Eventually Thasti got used to these encounters and got to know the 10th Division members.

It wasn't long after that that the 10th Division Taicho approached Thasti personally and invited him to join the Division. They said that his talents were being wasted here and that he should know by now that there is more to fighting than just the blade. It all made sense to Thasti but he had friends here. Could he really turn his back on them? He would leave the 11th Division for the 10th twenty years later.


Normally the 11th Division would have let a transfer go. But even they were capable of having some sense of "honor" And what the 10th Division did was far from honorable. But two could play at that game. If they couldn't have Thasti and others were willing to backstab their own allies, then nobody would have Thasti. That's just how this game worked. Lucky for the 10th Division they had an ex-12th Division member in their ranks whom was a specialist in biology. The Taicho requested that he look into DNA splicing of Thasti and a Hollow. When asked why, the captain said that sometimes you had to sacrifice one person for the benefit of everyone. The member didn't question this he just did it. He acquired some of Thasti's DNA through a hair left in his old room. After that he hunted down and snagged a sample of Hollow DNA. It would be another 100 years before this plan would be put into action.

Within those 100 years, Thasti had risen through the ranks of the 10th Division until he finally became their captain upon learning how to obtain (and then obtaining) bankai. The old captain had fallen in combat during a heavy ambush. Thasti was a bit awkward about it at first, but the members had known him for a while and so they were willing to work with it. When he finally got the hang of Captaincy he was a natural for it. He solved issues as fairly as he could, did the paper work, assigned missions, and all that fun stuff. This is also about the time he picked up smoking. Another captain had recommended it to him to help reduce the stress of being captain. Sadly, the 11th Division captain rarely acknowledged Thasti. Thasti eventually got over this but it did hurt a bit to start.


The plan to be rid of Thasti was ready finally. The spliced DNA was modified to kill replicate and kill the existing DNA in Thasti's system. It was put in a cup of sake for the man. After consuming, the 11th Division would have two minutes before he started to change into a Hollow. This meant two minutes to get him to the Human World and kill him. The Captain of the 11th Division offered Thasti the sake and the other male happily accepted. He then asked him to accompany him to the Human World just for a visit. Thasti, oblivious to the man's intentions, said yes.

Upon getting to the Human World they had thirty seconds left. The Taicho quickly took Thasti to a field. When Thasti asked why they were there and why several other members of the 11th Division were there, the man simply said that a Hollow was rumored to appear here. Thasti was confused up until he began coughing up the white substance of a Hollow mask. He looked upon the 11th Division Taicho and the man raised his blade to strike him down. Thasti raised his own blade to block the strike. Instantly the other members of the Division were attacking him. Thasti coughed up more and more of the mask, and it continued to spread over his face, feeding off of his hightened emotional state.

It was then that a man appeared in a Shunpo and quickly disabled several of the attacking Division members. All eyes were on the stranger whom wore a black cloth around his head to hide everything but his right eye. The male continued his assault on the attackers, disabling them and never striking to kill. He told Thasti he needed to calm down and fight the beast inside of him, less he die a Hollow. Thasti did just that. He looked inside his Inner World and found the Hollow within him. He had heard about Vizards of course but never dreamed of becoming one, nor did he ever once wish to be one. The Hollow smiled and attacked.

Outside, the mystery man had already disarmed and knocked out the 11th Division members. Now he was holding the bestial Thasti's attention so he would not draw too much unwanted Soul Society attention. Thasti finished fighting his Hollow within 5 minutes. Outside the masked man took the moment to let out a sigh, commenting that fighting a Hollowfying Shinigami while trying not to use his own Zanpakuto is not his idea of a relaxing evening. The cloth came off from around the male's face and he showed himself to be Raven. Since then he has traveled with the Vizard in search of others like them and has learned a great deal about beign a Vizard.

Role Play Sample:

Chatha patted the inside of the polar bear fur to make it was dry. Smiling in satisfaction, he ripped of another piece of bear meat that was roasting over the fire in the small cave before walking out into the blizzard. Shielding his eyes, he looked to what he believed was west. Only if this blizzard wasn't blocking my view completely, i might be able to see a small town. Which would possible thanks to his heighten senses, he might have been able to spot the small town that was just another 45 kilometers away from his current 'home.' It was just then that the wind and snow lightened up. What the?! Is what Chatha thought when it happened. At the same second of the thought, the wind and snow picked up once again. What Chatha didn't realized at that moment was he was the one who had caused the snow and wind to lower in intesity.

Finishing the peice of meat in his hand, Chatha imagined a small wall of ice in front of him. If he could do this and be able have it cover his front, he would be able to use it as a first defence when he was using his rifle. Concentration harder, a small circle piece of ice started to appear in front of him. He smiled. Making progress early was a good sign he had always thought. Just like how he had risen to the top of his class in both sword fighting and gun training. It had stayed that way until graduation when he had almost lost that spot to someone else. Stopping his concentration, Chatha let the piece of ice disappear, he walked back into the cave, and patted down the bear hid one last time before, putting out the fire and falling asleep, ending his first half a day in Alaska.

((Taken from another RP site I'm on))

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