How the Progression of Power works here.

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How the Progression of Power works here.

Post by Guest on Mon Aug 02, 2010 12:54 am

Okay. There are three(3) Basic Level Races on this forum. All members who choose to start at that level cannot, by any means whatsoever, be killed In-Character by another member while at those levels.

The basic races are: Soul, Human, and Hollow.

Here's how the progression of power works for each respective race.

Soul -> Enters Academy -> Takes four classes. Minimum of 300 words to pass the Class. -> Must then Rp around the Academy with another person for a single page -> 500 words for Shikai -> Random Dice Roll for Division. -> Enlist as Unseated Officer -> Get Approval from Captain to get Seated -> Rank Up by defeating the one above you in rank -> Upon gaining LT, half points reduced for Bankai, Upon Captain-ship, eligible for Second Ability for Zanpoktou.

-> Build Spiritual Awareness -> Must do 500 words for learning their power(I.E. Race meaning they either have too be biten by a Bount NPC, they rp how the doll is birthed, either go to the hospital and learn how too control reishi, or just hang around town and evolve powers naturally. -> Rp around town normal for one page with another person. -> Must do a 1000 word post of defeating One Gillian level hollow. -> Must do a 1k word training mastering their power to be lowest level of that powered up race. 2.5 k for Quincy. -> Everything else is normal rping within the rules. Upon gaining eliteship, all ginto knowledge and final form automatic for Quincy. Humans get two abilities, Bounts get two abilities.

Hollow -> Devour, Devour, Devour -> Must do 600 words to evolved into final Hollow, Another 900 to go to Gillian, Another 1200 words for Adjuchas, Another 5000 Words for Vasto lorde. -> 200 words too remove Mask -> 200 words for Ressurection. (Note that in the lowest form, this is only 1k to get someone around Numeros power.) Then Vasto Lordes do a 3000 training to get Segunda Etapa. Normal Seguna Etapa Training is 6000 words.

There are also a serious of Advanced Classes. Some are able to be used in Start, however, others, are not allowed to be used at the beginning because of several race advantages.

Quincy are automatically Captain Level. They can not be earned at the Beginning and have no Race.

Echos are are automatically Lieutenant Level.

Bounts are are automatically Captain Level. There will be only a total of Ten Bounts at any one Time.


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