Mission Template

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Mission Template

Post by Chinou on Mon Jul 19, 2010 11:12 pm

Missions usually rely on groups. But can be solo. These missions require actual interaction with fellow members, NPC's too can be involved but not advised.

Mission Name: What's the name of the Mission?
Mission Level: Arrancar, Fraccion, Privion Espada, Espada, Hybrids.
Description: What is the mission about?
Mission Duration: How long you have to complete the mission.
Reward: If you are successful with the mission, you will receive points based on the level of the mission.


Arrancar: 5 points
Fraccion: 10 points
Privion Espada: 15 points
Espada: 25 points
Hybrids: 35 points

[b]Mission Name:[/b]
[b]Mission Level:[/b]
[b]Mission Duration:[/b]

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